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Treasure Quest-The First Children Enlightment Class for Chinse Culture Heritage

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Project Overview:

"Treasure Quest" selected dozens of national treasures and cultural relics, and brought together experts from the National Museum, preschool education, dance and technical experts to create a dual-teacher system for the "Treasure Quest" children's Chinese cultural understanding and literacy enlightenment class. Wonderful experience, let the elementary school and kindergarten have a digital museum:

What Speical:

  • Exploring the details of cultural relics with an image accuracy of 1 billion pixels;

  • Play with 3D national treasures on the palm with the three-dimensional scan model with appreciative accuracy;

  • Witness the historical excitement with micro-mark technology beyond human eyes;

  • Explore the wisdom of the ancestors from the massive historical evidence;

  • Construct effective classrooms and borderless classrooms with material evidence education, inquiry learning, and real situations.

Team Biography:

Founded in 2018, Beijing Xinwei Shangzhi Technology and Culture Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that provides excellent traditional cultural education content and services for future education scenes. It is an innovative practitioner in the field of integration of culture and education in China. With the mission of “time talents and blooming the glory of the world”, we are committed to letting 200 million Chinese children have a campus digital library.

Xinweishang Chile uses the advanced technology and content advantages accumulated by the group company Xinwei Imagine for many years, with the goal of fostering people and quality education, and constructing the excellent traditional culture curriculum, the new curriculum standard content platform, and the excellent ™ Cloud Research Practice Platform, Excellent ™ Exploratory Classroom as the core product of the digital museum ecosystem of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens (referred to as "Campus Digital Museum"). The campus mathematics museum can efficiently realize the contextual and inquiry-based teaching and learning integrated into the classroom, serving the construction of smart classrooms and future schools, and enriching and perfecting the school's traditional cultural education system and quality education system. Through cooperation with the National Cultural Big Data Industry Alliance, the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education, the Beijing Education Network and Information Center, the Capital Normal University, the Shijia Education Group and other educational industry partners, as well as hundreds of museum partners, we will build the content research and development and teachers of the campus digital museum Training and integrating the industry chain ecology of online and offline scenarios. .

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