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Flying Theatre and Movie-Flying Over Hubei

Project Overview:

Visitors ride "flying seats" here and feel the immersive experience of being completely surrounded by a spherical screen. The passenger platform can perform 90-degree rotation, vertical movement of 1 meter up and down, and tilt of 10 to 15 degrees left and right. The audience flew up into the sky as the cloud of 10,000 cubic meters per hour gushed out. The film is based on the splendid scenery of the Hubei land, combined with the rich and colorful cultural connotations of the local area, and travels through historical time and space, from the warm spring of cherry blossoms to the cold winter of snow, from the mysterious Shennongjia to the sacred place of Taoist culture in Wudang Mountain, from the burning of the camp. From the battlefield of the Three Kingdoms to the magnificent Three Gorges Dam, and to the Yellow Crane Tower with thousands of years of white clouds, the "All the Way" will take in the four seasons of the Jingchu land and show the magnificent scenery of Hubei.

Program features:

Through the full-scene packaging with distinctive themes, the naked-eye three-dimensional picture effect of the dome screen, the six-degree-of-freedom movement platform, and the rhythm of the film, the audience is presented with a brand-new brand through blowing, water mist, different scent effects and tailored immersive music. An interactive experience of flying in the sky with the trinity of sight, hearing and feeling.

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