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Institutional Partner (Value Equivalent to Gold Sponsor)

Institutional Sponsor are domestic and international goverbment, consulate, chamber of commerce,  universities, higher educations, industry association, incubator/accelerator and culture and creative institutions that are in touch with design or related to the competition categories. Only a relevant institution can become an institutional partner, this collaboration with the institution ranges nominate applicants, promote to its community providing Jury members for the organizations. This is a one-time sponsorship but could be repeated. 



Media Partner

Media Partner (Value Equivalent to Bronze Sponsor)

Media Partners are members of both the traditional or digital media, who support the Global Createch Award by means of communication prior or post the event. Media Partners are press and press-related companies that helps to spread the news on Global Createch Award. Media Partner is divided into a newspaper, a magazine, a website, a television, a radio, a PR company, social media blogger. This is a one-time sponsorship but could be repeated. 

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