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Who Can Apply

Companies, Studios, Individuals are all welcome to apply. However, the submitted projects are expected to have a prototype, or have the potential or already made the social impact or economic impact in the society 


In order to better help you find the sub-category you fit in, you may take the following information as a reference 

Faculty and students are welcome to apply and your application fee is waived

Creative Design Sub-Category 

People who submit this category usually can only provide design services. They cannot provide an end to end solution, from design to execution to result delivered.  

  • Advertising Studio

  • Brand Designer

  • Multimedia Designer

  • Experience Designer

  • Graphic Designer

  • Media Designer

  • Space Designer

  • Fashion Designer

  • Architecture Designer

  • Industrial Designer

  • Product Designer 

  • Interior Designer

  • Jewlery Designer 

  • Interactive Media Design

  • Service Design

  • Visual Design and etc. 

IP and Related Merchandise Design  Sub-Category 

People who submit to this sub-category usually can help its client design an IP affiliated with a concret product, destination or service, which can help to further attract consumers, and generate merchandise sales.  

  • Tourism IP Design 

  • Brand IP Design 

  • Fashion Art Toy Design and etc. 

Experience Solution Sub-Category 

People who submit to this sub-category usually can offer or the project submmited is a complete end to end solution from design, visual, software, hardware to the execution. 

  • Multimedia Designer/Experiential Designer/Spatial Designer

  • Hologram Solution 

  • VR/AR/XR/MR Solution 

  • Cave/Flying/Dome Theatre Solution 

  • 3D Mapping Solution 

  • Interactive Gaming Solution

  • OLED/LED Solution 

  • Audio-Visual Solution for Large Scale Project

Digital Visual or Creative Media Sub-Category 

People who submit to this sub-category are very good at creating content or doing storytelling. The format of content varies. 

  • Computer Animation

  • Short Video on Tiktok 

  • Documentary/Film

  • Short Film

  • VR/AR/XR content

  • Holorgam Content

  • Gaming and etc. 

Innovative Technology Sub-Category 

People who submit to this sub-category usually are innovators, who invest cutting edge technology that can make an impact on people's life, such as robotics, unmanned vehicle, advanced display, and etc. 

Digital Art and Installation Art Sub-Category 

People who submit to this sub-category usually are artists, who use their original creativity to express how they see the world human relationship, and life in the future by adopting digital technology or futuristic concept. The format of the digital art/Installations can be various, For example

  • Programming Art/A.I. Art

  • NFT Digital Art

  • Media Art/Interactive Art

  • Immersive / Digital Drama

  • Digital Sculpture 

  • A.I. /Digital Music 

  • Digital/VR Painting

  • Performing Art/Motion Capture Technology Driven Performing Art

  • Photography and etc. 

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