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Why Enter

Industry Trophy and Certificate

The winner of the award will have the industry trophy cup and award receipt certificate. This is a great industry recognition by organizer, which can add your credits to bid for projects in China. 

Showcase Opportunities in China and Selected Countries

The winners and selected projects will have the opportunities to participate the online showcase, digital art exhibition, and world-touring exhibition.

Award Ceremony

The winners will have the chance in participating the award ceremony held at Shanghai Landmark-North Bund.

Chinese & International Media Exposure

The program will be released to major public media and trade media in China and international, The program will help your project be exposed to the mainstream society in China, and digital art and technology field around the world.

Opportunities in Participating Projects

The winners and selected program will have the opportunities in participating in immersive and interactive project led or consulted the organizer. The project type is the application field required at this program.

Global Networks

The winners and quality participants will be part of the Global Networks where you will meet likely minded people and potential buyers and investors. The organizer will constantly host conference, workshop, virtual events to bring everyone to meet, share ideas.

More B2B Opportunties

The organizer invite potential buyers, investors to be the jury committee to review the projects. 
The winners and quality projects will have the priority to access premium resources referred by organizer.

Consultation of Business Activities at China (Shanghai ) Pilot Free Trade

If the participants want to invest or export to China, the organizer can offer consultation of setting up the business in free trade zone, and advise the policy the business can use to help enlarge the profit margin. 


Platinum (1-2/Category)

  • Cup, Certificate

  • Global Networks

  • Showcases

  • Project  Participation Opportunity


  • Certificate

  • International Networks

  • Project  Participation Opportunity

Silver (Multiple, if applicable)

  • Certificate

  • Global Networks

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