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The theme of 2022 Global Creative Technology Design Award is "Envision Your Life in the Future", which echos with 2022 CDEX Global Expo (  


In order to better connect creative designer, artist, innovative technology inventors, digital content studio with various industries, such as government, museum, art gallery, themed attraction, real estate developer, brand and advertising, pharmeceutical, live theatre and etc. The organizer redesign the category of the entries to help the investors, buyers, and people seeking innovation for their industry better find partners to work with.  

For each category, we listed some examples to better help you to understand what is expected to submit at each category. However, please do not limited your imagination and show us your innovation and creativity beyond our exmaple. 

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Global Creative Technology Design Award welcomes all creative and innovative projects or idea that can apply to the immersive and interactive experience consumption scenarios.

Home Experience in the Future 

NFT and Virtual Home.png


This category mainly welcomes all types of creative design, IP and related merchandise design,  innovative technology, experience solution which can create future-oriented and forward-looking, interactive home experiences in all aspects of people's lives, such as home entertainment, home office, smart appliances and etc. 


For Example:

Creative Design

  • NFT and digital virtual house design in the age of metaverse

  • Home design made by 3D printing

  • Interior Design adopting the forward-looking and futuristic concept

  • Graphic design describing the future home experience  and etc. 


IP and Related Merchandise Design

  • IP design for smart home branding

  • Fashion art toy design for home decoration


Digital Creative Visual Media

  • All kinds of digital creative visual or media that can offer home entertainment, such as computer animation, gaming, VR/AR, hologram image, etc.

  • All kinds of digital creative visual or media can promote futuristic home experience


Innovative technology:

  • Service Robotics at Home (Caring Robotics, Cooking Robotics)

  • Smart Home Appliance (A.I. Mirror, IoT Home System, A.I. Speaker)

  • Innovative Furniture and Decorative Material (eg. LED Furniture, IoT fridge)

  • Smart and intelligent consumer gadgets to offer convenient life and better entertainment


Experience Solution 

  • VR/AR/MR/XR Experience(eg. Work at Home Virtual Experience)

  • Hologram Experience(eg. Phone Call System, TV and etc,

  • Immersive Family Private Cinema/Concert Hall

  • Interactive Home Education Experience


Digital Art & Installation

  • Digital Art/Installations for Home Decoration

  • NFT related digital art to describe future home experience

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Organization Structure


  • National Base for International Culture Trade|International Culture-tech Industry Cluster (TCDIC)


  • China Digital Art Industry Exhibition Organizing Committee

Thanks for following organizations to support this program

  • China Industrial Design Institute

  • China Film Art Direction Academy

  • China Multimedia Industry Alliance

  • Shanghai Online Audio Visual Industry Association

  • Shanghai Video Game Industry Association

  • Shanghai Eastday Corp. Co. 

  • Advantage Austria

  • World XR Association

  • Asia Pacific Real Estate Association

  • Themed Entertainment Association

  • X-Node

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