Entry Guideline

Entry Period

Entry Period is from 2021.01.20 till 2021.05. 31

Entry Requirement

  • Any company or individual can submit their entry. You may check each category for the target applicant. 

  • The project can be a mature one, which has been released to the market;  or an experimental one, which has not been widely distributed to the market. 

  • The entrant must hold the copyright of the submitted work. If the work is not submitted by the copyright/intellectual property holder, permission from the copyright/intellectual property holder must be obtained.


*By submitting works, the entrant is deemed to have accepted all Entry Rules and Regulations as stated.

What to Submit

You can follow the questions at the application form to submit all material requested. 

The following material must be prepared before you submit your application:

  • Video (Video to best illustrate the work you submitted)-Submit Via URL

  • Picture (Photo/Picture to best present the work you submitted)--Submit Via URL

  • Copyright/Intellectual Property Self Declaration or Consent from Owners

  • Individual/Team Biography

If you think the work you submit involves with confidentiality and you are not comfortable in uploading to streaming website, please send wetransfer to globalcreatechaward@tcdic.com or joanne.yin@tcdic.coman 

Application Fee

Application Fee:

1 Entry:    USD 150 (RMB 1000) ;

2 Entries : USD 280 (RMB 1800) ;

3 Entries:  USD 400 (RMB 2600);

4 Entries:  USD 500 (RMB 3250)

Free for Following Entires

  • Digital Art Installations & Digital Artworks

  • Digital Traditional Culture and Heritage

  • Digital Contemporary Chinese Story

We are a not for profit program, receiving no funding,  The application fee we receive will first go directly to the program management and operation, secondly go to prize and jury committee. Thanks for your support and participation to build this Global Network together. 

Coupon Code

If you register your email at our program, you may receive the coupon code via our newsletter. The discount range from 30%-100%!!. We may distribute the coupon code to our partner as well. Please write to us if you want us to partner with any institution at your country. 

The following organization receives coupon code from the organizer: 

  • All supporting organizations listed at the website​

Shipping Fee

The first round application is online only. It is not necessary for you to ship your artworks or product. 

You may be asked to ship your work if the final round jury committee request you to do so. 


You can contact Joanne Yin at joanne.yin@tcdic.com, or leave your message at Contact Page.