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About Global Creative Technology Design Award

It is Not Just an Award!

It is a gateway for you not only to present your creativity and innovation in China market, but also for the fast growing global market for interactive and immersive experience ! 


It is a global innovative networks where people from different fields will inspire and work with each other. 

It is a B2B platform where you can find your potential partners!

About the Award: About

In response to the growing demands of creating immersive, digital and interactive experience or entertainment project in museum, shopping mall/commercial complex, festival, tourist destination, themed attraction, science center, art gallery, education institution, public park, retail, other location based entertainment and etc, National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai) International Culture-Tech Industry Cluster (TCDIC) initiates the Global Creative Technology Design Award.

The award aims to create an Global networks where creative studios/service companies, technology-oriented artists /new media artists, interactive/immersive experience designers, intelligence technology manufacturers, and entertainment center/museum operators will share their best ideas, artworks, inventions and practices, and to collaborate with each other to turn ideas into potential business and market opportunities.

The Award aims to recognize and nurture innovative ideas, creative products, creative new business models, innovative experience solutions that can contribute to the industry application and economic development. 

The award winners and quality participants will not only win the trophy, certificate, but also have the chance in participating various immersive or interactive experience projects, meet their potential partners, and join a Global Innovative Network to make more potential B2B happen. The organizer will also help offering policy consultation to do the cross-boarder investment and business set-up at China Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone. 

About the Award: About

About Organizer



National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai)| International Cultural-Tech Industry Cluster (TCDIC) is the only National Industry Cluster in China, authorized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

It is a trade promotion agency to advocate innovation, international collaboration, and international trade for digital creative and culture industry.

TCDIC organize various trade related events(exhibition, conference, competition, festival and B2B matchmaking) and digital cultural exchange events (such as digital art exhibition) to help international business to have better exposure in China market, find their potential partners and potentially register and do business in China. It also organize trade delegation events to help Chinese companies to go to different countries. 

TCDIC offers consultation service and project implementation service to various cultural institutions, immersive and interactive entertainment projects, themed attraction, commercial spaces, shopping mall and etc.

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