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How to Enter: Program


Call for Entries Open





2023.09 (TBC)

Award Ceremony
at CDEX Global

Year Round

Online Showcase

Year Round

Shanghai & World Touring Showcase


From when and when I can submit?

The submission phase for 2022 Global Creative Technology Design Award is from 2022.01.31-2022.10.30.

Is there any entry fee?

There is no entry fee. You are free to submit your best projects to help bechmarking the quality of the entire industry. 

What language I shall use to submit my project

You can submit your project in English or Chinese. 
Nevertheless, we may notify some the applicants to translate their submission in Chinese if needed jurors.

How shall I send the video?

We will recommend you to upload your video on streaming video site, and share us the link.

If you do not want to release your project video on public site, you can use wetransfer to send your video. The subject line is your name+category+project name

Which video formats are acceptable for submissions? Is there a limit on the quantity of data?

The recommended video formats are:

  • Video container: mp4 with H264 Codec

  • Audio: stereo with 16 Bit and 44.1 kHz

  • Basically speaking, there is no limit on the quantity of data, but staying under 2 GB is better for uploading.

Do I receive notification that my work has not been selected ?

No, we will not notify the people whose work is not selected.

How to Enter: FAQ
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