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Digital Traditional Chinese Culture and Heritage

This track welcomes all kinds of digital artworks or interactive works that can best reflect Chinese culture and heritage.

Who Can Apply:
Creative Technology Company, Digital Content Studio, Marketing Agency, Advertising Agency, Creative Service, Multimedia Agency, New Media Artist, Technology Oriented Artist, Faculty Member

What is Digital Traditional Chinese Cultural Heritage Track

This track welcomes all kinds of digital artworks or interactive works that can best reflect Word Heritage, especially Traditional Chinese Culture and Heritage.

​The winners of this track will be able to participate in ”Chinese Digital Culture Industry Exhibition” and ”Experience  Chinese Culture and Heritage” IP Show, both of which are National IP World Touring Exhibition authorized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Works submitted at this track shall use various digital technology to express and explore the beauty of Chinese traditional culture and heritage. 

What is Traditional Chinese Culture and Heritage

The scope of traditional Chinese culture and heritage is very wide, it includes but not limited to the following subject

-Symbols of China (Panda, Dragon, the Great Wall and etc. )

-Chinese Arts and Craft (Calligraphy, Painting, Lanterns, Paper Cutting, Porcelain and etc. )

-China's Festival (Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and etc. )

-Chinese Performing Arts (Kungfu, Shadow Plays, Puppet Plays, Folk Dace, Musical Instrument)

-Chinese Cuisine (Food, Tea)

-China's Heritage (Language, World Heritage Site, Architecture, Ethnic Group and etc)

-Chinese Zodiac

The Scope of Digital Technology

Digital technology includes but not not limited to following: 5G, 4K/8K/UHD, Drone, AI Programming, Robotic, LED/OLED/LCD, Audio Technology, VR/AR/MR, Laser Projection, Hologram Display, Lighting Technology, Motion Capture Technology, Motion Experience, Stage Technology, Special Effect Technology, Facial Recognition and etc. 

What Types of Projects can be Submitted? 

includes but limited to following

-Creative Exhibit Space Design

-Digital Exhibition 

-Digital Art Installations

-Digital Static Image (Graphic Design, Painting Photo and etc. (

-Digital Motion Image (2D/3D Animation, VR, Documentary, Micro-film, Short-Video, Interactive Video Game and etc)

-Interactive Design (Interactive Game, Interactive Installation, HTML Game, App and etc)

-Digital Opera/Stage Show

Digital Chinese Culture Heritage: Text

Judging Criteria

Original Creativity :
Submitted works shall be unique and innovative.

Chinese Culture Expression

  • Submitted work shall base on Chinese culture and heritage, reflect the beauty and charm of Chinese culture.

  • Value of appreciation, appeal to the users

Digital Technology
Submitted work shall adopt digital technology or frontier technology concept. 


Gold (1/Section)

  • Cup, Certificate

  • Global Networks

  • Showcases

  • Project  Participation Opportunity


  • Certificate

  • International Networks

  • Project  Participation Opportunity

Finalist Honoree (Multiple)

  • Certificate

  • International Networks

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