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Commercial Complex Experience-Cineplexx - The Wave

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Project Description :

Digital Signage thought differently. In 2020, the Cineplexx cinema in Vienna's Millennium City reopened in new splendor. As an architectural and digital highlight, an impressive LED surface in the form of a wave is enthroned on the ceiling of the entrance. 4.5 meters wide and 26 meters long, it begins in the foyer of the shopping center and literally draws visitors inside the cinema.

Although this particular display size and shape requires special digital design, a system was created to allow Cineplexx to retain full control within their existing standard workflows. The graphically seamless integration of conventional signage content is as important as the overall editorial influence, correlating with movie start times or just promote popcorn and remind guests to quickly grab a bucket.

What Special:

The Wave presents an absolutely unique and attention-drawing digital surface, that blends into the architecture but still holds its own. The new cinema of Cineplexx is the most modern one in whole Austria. Therefore it called for a special brand staging as well. Based on the already existing workflows, the content team of Cineplexx is able to integrating standard 16:9 content (promotions, movie trailers, information regarding food and beverage) at freely definable areas of the whole LED ceiling. On the other hand the content team is also able to influence and schedule the overall appearance of The Wave. By pulling the front part of the wave into the foyer of the shopping center, it becomes very visible and literally draws people into the theatre and therefore positions the brand of Cineplexx perfectly.


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