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4D Motion Cinema-Interstellar Travel

Project Overview:

Interstellar travel is a space-themed 4D dynamic cinema. It is packed with a highly simulated spaceship. Visitors can follow the astronauts to travel through outer space in a spacecraft. Scientific exploration is full of charm and risk. Board a spaceship to fly to the universe and avoid meteorites. , Crossing the Milky Way, witnessing bright planets, and encountering mysterious space creatures. The spacecraft entered the black hole, traversed "asteroids", "geminis", and encountered "comet killers". The spacecraft moved violently, showing scenes of strange landscapes in front of us. The return journey was equally thrilling. The rescue team witty and bravely traversed the "worm planet", "water planet", and "floating city", finally rushed out of the black hole and returned successfully. Visitors ride on a sports simulator, the movement effect of the moving base is synchronized with the visual image, providing visitors with an immersive deep space experience

Program features:

Three simulation platforms and 9 program bridges are randomly combined. Visitors can get a different experience through different program clips and different seat motion programming every time they ride.

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