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Immersive dynamic theater-the power of nature

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Project Overview:

This project uses 72 6-DOF motion platforms, 12 6-channel digital projectors to project onto the world's largest three-dimensional screen with a width of 40 meters and a height of 18 meters, with special effects such as water waves, fire and lightning. Visitors can experience the power of various disasters such as hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and floods on the dynamic platform. This project virtually established an Extreme Climate Research Institute (EWA), bringing together the world's best scientists to conduct scientific research against natural disasters. Scientists have designed and built a brand new Mobile Observation Command Station (MOCS) as a high-tech mobile refuge to deal with the harsh and extreme weather conditions generated by nature. Tourists, as meteorological research elites, follow meteorological research scientists and drive the most advanced Mobile Observation Command Station (MOCS)-Warrior into the storm. The storm was accompanied by a tornado, which swept the object into the air and threw it towards the Warrior. Thunder and lightning cut across the dark sky. The typhoon rain caused mudslides, and the Warrior drifted forward in the mudslides. Immediately after the eruption of the volcano, the car body trembled strongly, bridges collapsed and buildings fell one after another. The volcanic eruption caused a tsunami, and the sea was tumbling, thick smoke billowing, and magma splashing. The warrior carries tourists, marching in the baptism of water and fire. Finally returned to the Extreme Meteorological Research Institute smoothly.

Program features:

The three-dimensional picture combines dynamic, wind, water, and fire special effects, allowing the audience to experience the shocking feeling of natural power, and realize the dual effect of popular science entertainment.

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