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Location Based Entertainment-Schiele XR

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Project Overview:

Schiele XR allows us not only being a spectator of the story, but being an essential part of the whole experience as we influence the narrative by the use of interactive elements such as voice interaction.

We are put in the center of the action so we can feel the physical presence of Egon Schiele and the other characters.

Stereoscopic VR creates the spacial feeling to perceive everything as if it were real - we can sense and feel the atmosphere of early 20th century Vienna.

Artificial Intelligence integrates personalized elements into the story and makes every single experience unique- e.g. we are handed out a personalized drawing of our portrait in the style of Egon Schiele at the end of every journey.

Due to the interactive nature Schiele XR brings a historic figure to life. We will experience firsthand Egon Schiele finding his artistic voice despite all his struggles, setbacks and his (in the end successful) attempts to disrupt conventional art traditions. Flashbacks will transfer us directly into the turbulent times and moments of Egon Schieles life, where we experience all events from the personal point of view of the artist.

How the Project Enhances the User Experience:

SCHIELE XR has an enormous educational value: The project can serve as an example to others in pursuing their dreams and inspire confidence. It is also an educational tool in teaching and giving the profound experience of reliving the time and era Egon Schiele lived in. The experience will help to understand the period and turbulent times before and during World War 1 in Europe. A time, where questions of national identity and big social changes tore up the Austro-Hungarian empire, not to forget that the challenges back then took place in the light of one of the biggest pandemic crises: the Spanish flu. Through the directness and the immediacy of the XR experience and through the individual conflicts of Egon Schiele we understand that this could also be happening today and not only some time in the past. Schiele XR will increase our understanding to reflect upon the tumultuous times we live now.

SCHIELE XR is a location based experience in a specially created VR- Room installation. We will navigate through the world of Egon Schiele with the help of VR headsets. We are about to work with architects and designers to create such a space, which will be for more than one person. (Up to 15 people.) We want to create an independent roadshow, which will tour around the world. SCHIELE XR is our pilot project, we intend to create more experiences about interesting people or topics from the past or from the present.

Revenues are generated through ticket sales, merchandising and licensing.

Individual/Team Introduction:

Gerda Leopold (writer, director, producer)

Gerda Leopold is the author, director and producer of Schiele XR.

She is the founder of Amilux Film, a production company based in Vienna and established in 2014. The focus of her work is finding the right balance between content and form. Or to say it in other words: How can you combine the newest tech with a compelling narrative without compromising one another? Since its establishment her company has produced 2 feature films and is also greatly renowned for developing new immersive ways of storytelling.

Gerda has won numerous awards and has been featured in International Festivals such as: Venice, Cannes, Mar del Plata, Busan, VR Days Amsterdam, VIS Vienna and the Diagonale in Graz.

The feature film "Fabian," directed by Dominik Graf, (co-produced with Lupafilm, Berlin) screened in competition at the Berlinale 2021 and will be released in cinemas in Germany in July. Amilux Film is currently working on three fully immersive interactive cinema experienc-es. Shooting of the XR experience "Visiting James Simon” was completed in May in Berlin..

Daniel Rachnaev (producer)

He studied law in Vienna and Athens. After working as a lawyer for a couple of years he fol-lowed his passion and went into filmmaking. His path led him to New York to study directing and film production and back to Vienna to finish his postgraduate in film.

Since 2013 he has been working in the film industry as a producer, writer and director. He is also a jury member of the Austrian Motion Picture Rating Organization.

Sebastian Endler (director of photography)

He studied Film Production in Vienna and Vancouver and worked as a camera operator on various projects including feature films and documentaries.

In 2014 he joined AMILuX FILM as a Director of Photography where he also develops 360° and VR Projects from start to finish.

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