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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Project Overview:

1. The first cloud recording of the Spring Festival Gala was recorded in 3 locations including Beijing xR SPACE 717 Virtual Studio, Taiwan Virtual Studio, and CCTV No. 1 Studio, which solved the problem of Jay Chou’s inability to come to the Spring Festival Gala.

2. The full virtual environment shooting is completed in UNREAL and xR workflow

3. Combine the MOCO of the movie shooting process with the TV variety show process.

4. Stylized visual design with strong visual two-dimensional large color blocks.

5. CCTV Spring Festival Gala uses xR workflow for the first time.

6. The first combined creation of the virtual filming process of a movie and the virtual television shooting process

Individual/Team Introduction

Creative team: DING DONG STUDIO

DING DONG STUDIO was established in Beijing in 2009 and is composed of Ding Dong himself and several artists and engineers. Committed to new media art and on-site visual design, and continue to cooperate with professionals in different fields, through continuous exploration of new technologies, new materials, new fields, so as to propose new artistic possibilities, and use technological diversity to build the purity of art, 2020 Focused on the application and creation of virtual shooting in the year, and brought you a series of xR cases.

Technical team: SHOWPLUS

Show Plus Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is an open and diversified technology platform with a visual experience space, cutting-edge technology products and a professional technical team. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the concept of joint research and development and co-creation. Designers, directors, and artists provide R&D and creation venues, as well as various technological products and technical support. Create a show with everyone. Xiujia Technology is the first to introduce the XR workflow to China in 2020, and has completed a series of xR’s first time in China. "Mojito" is one of these cases. Xiujia Technology continues to explore the boundaries of art and technology, allowing The artisticization of technology, commercialization of art, the collision of art and technology to create infinite possibilities, and the creation of n-th power value.

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