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360° Projection-IMMERSIVE

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Project Overview:

IMMERSIVE is a 360° projection in a cubic space/fulldome/cylindar screen. It is an immersive audiovisual experiment of 8-minute evolutive timeline with parts in crescendo and others in suspension.

IMMERSIVE is the result of a research about Op art and illusions displayed from simple geometric forms. The minimalism design puts the spectator in an unstable situation by disturbing his sensation. IMMERSIVE questions our perception of movement through the visualization of mouvement from inside of 3D forms in this augmented immersive space. The camera movements forcing the viewer's position into the virtual world, and the use of stroboscopic images also give a new sensation of temporality and stability.

Through the rhythmic evolution of the music patterns, the soundtrack recreates an electroacoustic orchestra inspired by digital noise e!ect and virtual instruments.

*This work received the Audience Award at the last ICIA festival (International Competition for Intermedia Artwork), as well as the Jury Prize fulldome short at the Macon film festival 2019. It also participate to the last ISEA symposium in Gwangju, South Korea.

How the project enhances the user experience:

This is an original sensory experience with audio/visual synaesthesia. This format gives the opportunity to share this experience with others people in a real space.

application and market value:

There is a high level for social media experience.

People could be immersed in digital world.

The ARCAAN Collective (Aide et Recherche pour la Création Artistique Audiovisuelle Numérique) is a french association created in 2015, with the aim of promoting, supporting and stimulating research in the audiovisual and digital fields. Initiated by sound designer Antoine Briot and digital artist Jeremy Oury, their artistic research focuse on a feeling of virtual movements and temporality to disrupt the spectator perception of space. Each project becomes a visual and sound laboratory for the collective, conducive to the emergence of a new artistic grammar. The collective's productions have been regularly selected in various international festivals.

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