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Holographic Multifunctional Theater and Holographic Content Production

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Project Overview:

Holographic multifunctional stage, adopting creative platform design, combining holographic imaging technology with multimedia synchronization control technology, combining the resources of the current performing arts market and local culture, using holographic technology to present a holographic audio-visual show, combining sound, light, electricity and somatosensory effects , Designed a 270-degree phantom imaging to realize the real interaction between the laser image and the actors, and the fusion special effects combine the real and virtual alternates of vision, hearing, and smell, making people feel like they are watching a live performance.

The application of holographic theater is the first focus of holographic multimedia scene applications. With the holographic multi-function stage as the design highlight, it combines with traditional theaters and theaters to change the current single traditional mode of theaters and theaters, and realize the needs of diversified development of theaters and theaters. Combining the characteristics of the city project to meet the needs of the customer group, the city’s culture, history and humanities, non-genetic heritage, etc. can be implanted in the content production, and historical cultural dramas and various performing arts can be recorded and presented to the audience as if they were real people. The scene of the performance makes it easier for culture and art to be implanted in people's hearts.

Targeting tourist attractions, amusement parks, city squares, etc., build a holographic experience scene with a certain spatial scale, "activate" regional culture, red culture, museums and memorials into the holographic scene experience, and promote the deep integration of culture and tourism. Through the extensive application of holographic scenes, it is an important measure to open up cultural undertakings and cultural industries, unblock cultural production and cultural consumption, integrate culture and technology, connect cultural categories and formats, and promote the market-oriented development of cultural digital innovation.

How the Project Uses Digital Technology to Express Story:

The performance of musical performances with representatives of red culture and traditional culture, we use technology to produce holographic images and use the space of holographic theater to play the effect as if a real person is performing. (Reference video: concert format, virtual IP interpretation of Suzhou culture)

Potential Market Value

Change the traditional single mode of the cinema and theater industry, meet the social mass consumption and innovation needs, meet people's high requirements for audiovisual enjoyment, and use innovative technology to spread culture, which fully meets the public’s pursuit of cultural and educational enjoyment and the requirements of market economic development. The research and development used by the movie theater can also drive the development of this field and surrounding industries and provide more employment opportunities for the society. In addition, it can promote the rapid expansion of the technical advantages of exhibition products into cost advantages, quality advantages and brand advantages, and finally form a market. Advantages: While driving economic benefits, social production capacity and production efficiency will always continue to achieve sustainable social benefits.

Based on the market's traditional performing arts, performances, exhibitions, and education industries, how to develop and innovate to conduct research, mainly in four aspects:

  1. the spatial structure is physically integrated to achieve more functional utilization of the space.

  2. the expansion of the use of more audience groups on the basis of satisfying the existing audience groups.

  3. to reduce the rewards for performance or broadcast workers, and at the same time, for the producers of digital content and the old databases to be effectively used and disseminated again.

  4. build better channels and platforms for the digital innovation era of Internet technology.

Individual/Team Introduction

Yang Zhijian, Chairman of Shanghai Qunsheng Culture Technology Development Co., Ltd., PhD student at Soochow University, has more than 28 years of experience in commercial real estate and film-related industries. Since 2016, he has entered the field of holographic technology application, focusing on the commercial application of holographic projection technology and leading the team Obtain related patents. He used to be the CEO of Cinema Greater China, the world's third largest cinema, as an executive of the Weijing Group and Chia Tai Group, and successfully operated the Yangzhou Jinghua City and Shanghai Xuhui Zhengda Lecheng Shopping Center projects.

Jin Tao, Technical Director of Shanghai Qunsheng Culture Technology Development Co., Ltd., with more than 10 years of experience focusing on the research and development and application of multimedia holographic technology; Head of performance technology of Wanda Movie Park; Head of technology of the first holographic theater in the country of Beatles Animation; Guangyu International Group, head of holographic technology.

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