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Interactive Design-Peking Opera: Farewell My Concubine

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Excerpt 1, Gai Xia Song (color)

Excerpt 1, Gai Xia Song (Black and White)

Excerpt One, Gai Xia Song (Front-screen video)

Excerpt 2: Yuji Dance Sword (color)

Excerpt Two, Yu Ji Dance Sword (Black and White)

Excerpt Two, Yu Ji Dance Sword (Front-screen video)

Excerpt Three, (color)

Excerpt Three, (Black and White)

Excerpt 3. (Front screen video)

Project Overview:

Chinese traditional culture is broad and profound, and opera art is one of them, which embodies the essence of aesthetic thought of Chinese traditional culture. At present, traditional opera art needs to keep pace with the times and spread in real time. The combination of traditional opera and media technology has become an inevitable trend, and it is one of the effective ways to endow opera art with new vitality through contemporary design.

Relying on gesture interaction technology, this topic innovatively transforms the performance form of traditional opera art. Through the integration of science and art, it breaks the traditional opera appreciation mode, uses technology to change the way people receive opera art information, and pays attention to the participation of the audience. Through the recognition of different gestures, it presents the corresponding abstract graphics, arouses the audience's dual experience of participating in entertainment visually, meets the audience's psychological needs of seeking novelty and difference, reconstructs the relationship between the audience and opera performance, and brings people a new feeling.

In the gesture interaction design work variation: overlord and concubine, the overall image characteristics of "overlord" and "Concubine" in Peking Opera farewell my concubine are compared and analyzed, and the abstract transformation of graphics is carried out. First of all, in the form of combined graphics, the character "overlord" is summarized as a majestic male image, and the character "Yu Ji" is summarized as a graceful and delicate female image. Secondly, the character shape extraction, character color and "point, line and surface" elements in the three-dimensional composition are reconstructed to create new image features, and the whole character picture presents vivid and interesting visual effects.

Based on the analysis of the overall image characteristics (such as character form, character and performance characteristics) of the characters "Bawang

How the project enhances the user experience:

"Variation · Overlord and Yuji" work adopts dual-screen projection mode, the front screen is a computer screen, and three video clips (three clips from the repertoire of Farewell My Concubine) are played on it. The gesture recognition module (leapmotion) is placed on the front of the computer screen. ), the audience selects the three segments played on the computer screen through different gestures to achieve human-computer interaction, and the selected video segment echoes the large projection behind, and the dynamic abstract graphics corresponding to the computer screen are presented on the projection.

The details are as follows: 1. Front screen: computer screen (playing three segments of "Farewell My Concubine" drama film and television clips)-① Gaixia song selection; ② Yuji dance sword selection; ③ Farewell selection; 2. Projection screen: The three segments played on the computer display screen present an association relationship (corresponding abstract graphics); 3. Gesture interactive operation process: the audience walks to the Leapmotion somatosensory recognizer at the table, and can freely select the computer display through gesture commands (slide in the air) For the three opera clips played on the screen, the gesture command "OK" can enter a separate video clip; at this time, the image on the computer screen and the projected image are played at the same time, and the gesture command "fist\sword finger\index finger tap" , The projection screen image changes (from black and white to color). The gesture command "finger is 5-shaped" means exit.

Potential market applications:

"Variation: Overlord and Yuji" gesture interaction work uses technical means, combined with traditional opera art, to solve the use of gesture interaction in visual communication design. Gesture interaction technology has also been used for gesture control of smart homes, assisted driving, etc.;

I believe that in the near future, gesture recognition technology will be used in more fields to bring convenience to people. With the help of human-computer interaction technology to package and spread traditional opera culture, traditional culture is enriched and diversified through human-computer interaction technology. On the other hand, the art of opera is also filled with human-computer interaction content to a certain extent, in order to keep up with the current era The trend, taking the Peking Opera "Farewell My Concubine" as an example, enables the art of Peking Opera to add new forms of communication while retaining its own charm. Raise the audience's attention to traditional opera.

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