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Meet China-Digital IP Exhibition

Project Description:

The "Meet China" digital media art special exhibition uses traditional Chinese cultural carriers and integrates modern technology and art as a means of exhibition to create a brand-new digital cultural experience model. "Meet China" uses 3D mapping projection, somatosensory capture, human-computer interaction, Augmented Reality, digital acquisition image conversion, gesture capture, holographic imaging and other technical means to digitize traditional Chinese cultural content. After years of accumulation, it has formed a complete content system. , Including: Chinese martial arts, Shanghai style paper-cutting, Chinese ceramics, Peking opera, shadow puppetry, Spring Festival folklore, etc.; since 2017, the "Meet China" digital media art special exhibition has been successfully held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Successfully held in overseas cities such as Dublin in Ireland and Lusaka in Zambia. It also won the 2018 Outstanding Cultural Innovation Award of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, the 2019 "Happy Chinese New Year" Guidance Award and the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism commendation.

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