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Interactive Digital Exhibition-Exploration of "Evolution in Millions of Years-Plant Adventures"

Project Description:

Plants possess incredible wisdom and have evolved over hundreds of millions of years to become what they are today. When did the world's first real flower appear? What plants do dinosaurs like to eat? Are ancient plants much different from the present? We spent the time of an exhibition in an immersive space of 1,000 square meters, through interactive and contextual participation, tracing the long history of history, uncovering the mysteries of the ancient earth, and recreating the adventure stories in the evolution of plants.

The children kept "wow" throughout the whole journey. Here they watch with their eyes, listen with their ears, touch with their hands, step on with their feet, and stick with smart props. Become an expedition member and travel to the Cretaceous period Companion with dinosaurs, resurrect fossil plants, and immerse yourself in the "Plant Adventures" that is fun, beautiful and knowledgeable. The light and shadow art and interactive technology full of science and technology brought the dinosaurs and disappeared magical plants that children loved back to the earth vividly from 100 million years ago.

This is also a Chinese landscape painting that you can walk in. Mangroves, traveler bananas, waterfalls, volcanoes, Chinese-style aesthetic scenes are everywhere. Self-portraits and short videos are not willing to miss every frame.

What's more rare is that this exhibition incorporates the authentic large-scale fossils of China hundreds of millions of years ago. The exhibition created by rigorous plant and ecological research is full of knowledge points. The exhibition highlights the major archaeological discoveries of the Chinese plant kingdom: the Jehol Biota in Liaoning. Through precious physical fossils, immersive story scenes and digital interactive content, the rich vegetation and ecological environment on the land of northern China before and after the Cretaceous are displayed in front of you.

The whole journey is not only playable, tangible, observable, and audible, but the overall story scene presents the unique beauty of Chinese art. Through the experience of fun and beauty, it stimulates curiosity, guides exploration, transcends reality, and releases unlimited imagination. This is

1 adventure story for learning and fun

2 smart cartoon tutors to accompany the whole process

5 ancient plant fossils waiting to be resurrected

8 scenes, rich experience and gameplay

50 projectors create a sense of shock and immersion

58 kinds of ancient and modern animals and plants for learning and understanding

More than 1,000 animation effects are triggered by the interaction of hands, feet and smart props

How to use Digital Technology to Express Stories:

Different from common science and museum exhibitions, a gamified story background is set here. Each visitor can be a member of an archaeological expedition for a day. With the help of 2 smart cartoon instructors, he can experience 8 interactive scenes and complete 5 types. Excavation, identification and resurrection of ancient plant fossils.

Not only children can find fun, knowledge and beauty here, all visitors can open their eyes of discovery, look for beautiful traveler bananas and dance together, marvel at the new branches that have emerged from the billion-year-old texture of the giant fossils, travel in the Cretaceous world, and think The past and future of the earth.

When entering the venue, each child can choose one of the accompanying instructors (also the smart sensor props to accompany the tour) and wear it around his neck the whole time. When they see where they appear during the game, they can pick up the sensor card and paste it. Post, activate hidden clues.

☆ Excavate fossils in the excavation field of "Treasure Hunt in the Wilderness"

☆ Identify fossils on the appraisal platform of "Plant Recovery"

☆ Resurrect plants in the tall forest of "Cretaceous Adventure"

Of course, this exhibition is not just for fun. All the designs incorporate rigorous and professional knowledge of plant ecology, depicting 58 species of animals and plants and their ecological environment.

And as the prelude to the Botanical Museum tour, it will undertake the follow-up visit to the greenhouse. Here, we will trace the long history, uncover the mystery of the ancient earth, reproduce the adventure stories in the evolution of plants, and embody the incredible wisdom of plants, which have evolved through hundreds of millions of years , Has become what it is today.

The exhibition focuses on telling the story of China, presenting a major archaeological discovery in the plant kingdom of China: the Jehol Biota in Liaoning. Through precious physical fossils, immersive story scenes and digital interactive content, the rich vegetation and ecological environment on the land of northern China before and after the Cretaceous are displayed in front of you.

Playable, tangible, observable, and audible, the overall story scene presents the unique beauty of Chinese art. Through the experience of fun and beauty, it stimulates curiosity, guides exploration, transcends reality, and releases unlimited imagination.

This is the curatorial creation method, participatory style, immersion, mixed reality, fusion of culture and art and digital technology, creating a new dimension of experience for Chinese stories.

This cutting-edge art group is a leading digital interactive art institution in China, dedicated to Chinese originality and creating a new form of public participation in digital cultural experience. The members come from interdisciplinary and transnational backgrounds. They have created interactive works during the Shanghai World Expo and often help major museums and other brands to innovate experiences.

This time, it was commissioned by Vanke Group to create a new benchmark for works in the botanical pavilion donated and operated by Vanke Group, replacing the original Japanese teamlab exhibition and enriching the experience of the Expo Park after the conference. Such an innovative exhibition is also Vanke's continuous investment in public utilities for many years, and it has the opportunity to be launched for the public to experience.

In general, the sounds and music that are often overlooked by everyone in the exhibition are all original and meticulously produced here. The music director and composer is Zhang Shichao, a well-known musician. He has won numerous awards. His works have been included in "The Original Essence of Chinese Symphony Works in the New Era", which often occupies the hot search keywords on the whole Internet. This time, Chinese musical instruments, pentatonic scales, and electronic music are specially used to create an immersive Chinese music experience. Let me tell you a hidden skill. The five fossils in the plant recovery area correspond to the palace, Shang, Jiao, Zheng, and Yu in traditional Chinese music. If you activate them together, you can enjoy the wonderful ensemble.

How the Project Enhances User Experience:

Before entering the main exhibition, warm up first. Take a closer look at plant fossils hundreds of millions of years ago, and re-understand the survival wisdom of plants from the four sections of evolutionary history (evolutionary road), morphological characteristics (beauty in billions of years), comparison between ancient and modern (prehistoric orphans), and living environment (ancient habitat); In the window of time and space, there is a Chinese dinosaur waiting for you to feed the plants.

Plant Adventures starts here! In order to meet the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period, we must first trek through the mountains and rivers, crossing the secret path of the swamp. Here, you will encounter many plants and animals that live in the tropics for a long time. If you accidentally step on a fiddler crab, it immediately waved its tongs. Jumping over the stakes and stones, there is a crocodile hiding in the water, standing on its back and seeing how it reacts.

We passed through the dense tropical rain forest and came to the desert area. There are red rock formations, with seeds flashing on it, and new plants grow when touched, and the lizard will change color and dash when touched. Is there a treasure buried in the shiny place in the huge sandpit? Dig the sand. Congratulations on the discovery of the new fossil. Use the proximity card to record it. There are a total of five types of fossils that can be collected.

Collect all the fossils, and then enter the plant recovery area. There are five treasures of the town hall. The two-meter-high large-scale fossils are genuine, very precious. What is even more rare is the ability to identify the fossils that have just been dug here. Once you have dug up the same type of fossil, you can paste an induction card to activate the large fossil resuscitation plant! The most beautiful moment is this time, when new branches have been issued in the texture of billions of years!

Turning around, there seems to be a nest of dinosaur eggs in the corner. Where did the dinosaurs go? A door beside it seems to be able to open the space-time tunnel, and the huge dinosaur footprints inside are moving forward! Where will they take us to?

Wow! Open the door curtain, a complete large-scale Cretaceous world appeared. You will be immersed hundreds of millions of years ago, touching the legendary magical animals and plants. If you see a flashing spot in the forest, you can paste a sensor card to revive the plant you just dug.

Here the waterfall flows straight down, and the original Jehol birds are flying close! The volcano is brewing energy and exhaling smoke, seeming to erupt at any time. The huge Liaoning dragon is still walking leisurely. Touching the stegosaurus, it seemed to be irritated, and its body swelled. Parrot-billed dragon is the most special. When touched, it sometimes transforms into a plant, probably growing from the seeds it just ate.

There are many interactive gameplays around and on the ground that can be stepped on and touched. When the volcano erupted, the easter eggs were hidden. Try to touch the dinosaurs and wait for you to explore and discover them.

Stepping out of the Cretaceous period is still unfinished. Take a look at the final list of exhibitors. All the animals and plants are listed here. There is also a lovely dinosaur market to take away children’s favorite dinosaur models, plant fossils, etc.

When you buy a blind box of dinosaur fossils, you can go to the on-site laboratory. The children put on the clothes of scientists, put on goggles, pick up the tools and beat them in a way to reveal the true colors of the fossils.

Potential Market Application:

The market value is huge. Tickets for the exhibition itself are 40 yuan. It is located in remote Yanqing. There are still one to two thousand people buying tickets every day on weekends and holidays. The sales of exhibition-related derivatives are good, with sales exceeding 10,000 per day on weekends and holidays. The exhibition drives the flow of people in the Botanical Museum. The attractiveness of the static plants in the venues is limited. After the digital immersion exhibition, the flow of people has increased significantly; including the drainage of Beijing Expo Park, becoming a star project in the park, destination consumption, and exploring new modes of venue operation after the Expo. Such expositions, sports games and other post-conference operations have established benchmark cases, as well as how to integrate science, art, and interactive games into natural museums, botanical museums, and parks.

The exhibition will continue to update the content, and the digital system can replace the software, make full use of the existing equipment, and leave room for replacement for subsequent operations

The exhibition also plans to travel to various cities to allow more audiences to experience it and increase revenue at the same time.

Fields of Application

Museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, cultural tourism attractions, commercial complexes, etc.

Team Biography:

ARTMOSPHERE SHOWLAB is a leading digital immersion and interactive creative company in China. It is the Chinese consultant of the International Cultural District Association GCDN, a member of the National Cultural Technology Innovation Service Alliance, a member of the immersive industry cultivation platform of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the Central Cultural Reform Office, China Participating unit of the Propaganda Department "Cultural Experience System Construction Standards". Participated in the "Hetian Museum Exhibition Design" and won the 2020 Top Ten Excellent Exhibitions by the Chinese Museum Association. In 2021, he won the "Digital Cultural Experience Model Room" award from the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department.

Committed to promoting the publicization of digital art, through the combination of digital technology and artistic creativity, to create a new cultural form of public participation. Pay attention to the contemporary expression of Chinese culture, cooperate with cultural museums, cultural tourism, cultural creativity, cultural entertainment, etc., design and operate immersive complexes and spaces, plan immersive interactive exhibitions, and create interactive art installations.

Founder Li Jinlin, curator, GCDN International Cultural District Association China consultant, national cultural big data construction "Cultural Experience System Construction Standards" participating expert, National Cultural Science and Technology Innovation Service Alliance Immersive Industry Committee member.

He has a master's degree in communication from Peking University. He once served as the strategic director of the Kaifeng Cultural Foundation, and is in charge of art and academic projects at Oxford University. He has planned to build the Qihao Community and the Contemporary Art Museum, and has won the D&AD Yellow Pencil Award, the highest international design award, and the European Art Director Club Award. Participated in supporting the curatorial work of the Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, participated in the curatorial research work of the Artificial Intelligence Exhibition at the Barbican Art Center in London, participated in supporting the strategic planning of the National Museum, and published the article art".

Miao Zhuyu, digital artist, has a master's degree in "Digital and Interactive Design" from Birmingham College of Art and Design, Coventry University, completed 200 multimedia projects, and obtained more than 30 software copyrights and patents.

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