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Tencent Digital Creative Festival-Tomorrow Museum

90 Seconds Promotion Video

Fairy Yao Immersive Performance

AI Chess Wonder Holographic Box

Project Description:

The Museum of Tomorrow is a popular IP created by the Blackbow team for Tencent's TGC Digital Culture and Creativity Festival. In 2019, the Blackbow team was invited by Tencent to Hainan to create a number of meccas for the Art Co-creation Hall and Museum of Tomorrow exhibition areas. The main show area, Dunhuang Spiritual Realm, is a three-dimensional, all-round interactive space that gives visitors an immersive audio-visual experience. In 2020, Blackbow will bring the new Museum of Tomorrow 2.0 to Haikou, Hainan again, and a beautiful immersive experience with online and offline linkage will bloom in Haikou. Blackbow has divided the Museum of Tomorrow 2.0 into the Light and Shadow Hall, the Story Hall, the Poetry Scarf Hall, and the AI Track of Go 2.0 in a 1+N multi-space presentation. For the overall spatial design of the exhibition hall, Blackbow uses Dunhuang caves as the design inspiration and follows the arch design with Dunhuang cave style in the layout of each space, expecting to restore the ancient charm of Dunhuang with digital content and enhance the spatial experience level of the visitors. The main show area of Museum of Tomorrow 2.0 is a dome type dome theater, which is an iterative upgrade of Dunhuang Spiritual Realm 1.0. In this immersive show named Flying Sky - Deer Girl Yao, the audience sits on the floor and along with the silk and bamboo, the Flying Sky Yuhuan Yang and Deer Girl Yao dance in the mountains, rivers, celestial palaces and thousands of stars, a Dunhuang ancient rhythm through the past and present is unfolded.The space design of AI Track of Go 2.0 is based on the Go Dojo, with the backdrop of the grandstand gallery showing the classic games of many masters, while the central area is based on AI Track of Go 1.0, retaining the ground projection of the board and adding four new holographic veil projections to create a dance show space.AI Track of Go 2.0 is a digital art performance where art technology and traditional Chinese culture collide on the stage and converge to bring a new viewing experience to the audience. AI Track of Go 2.0 is a new upgrade from technology to conception based on 1.0 edition, and the use of AI technology expands the imagination of the traditional game of Go. While retaining the projection of the board on the ground, the holographic veil projection is added to the periphery. The projection of the "invisible" AI is represented by a giant "hand", echoing the real dancers. A new way of performance is to have a dancer interact with the projected images in a holographic environment, allowing the chess language to be reproduced in a dynamic way. The two-and-a-half-minute performance was a clever fusion of traditional Chinese culture and state-of-the-art technology, an inspired interplay of artistic aesthetics and competitive strategy, a perfect choreography of human dancers and artificial intelligence systems, and a cross-disciplinary combination of multiple elements that culminated in the amazing performance of AI Track of Go 2.0.

What Special:

With Dunhuang culture as the core, the ancient civilization buried under the sands glows brightly in the new era; with AI Track of Go as the highlight, the unique beauty of new cultural creation is explored in an all-round way through the collision and mingling of digital art and traditional culture. By using "Art + Technology" to bring the public closer to Dunhuang culture, Blackbow uses modern digital language to present Dunhuang culture in a new way.Blackbow has been innovating through cross-border integration, using the "Art + Technology" approach to cultural innovation. In the ancient and mysterious Dunhuang culture, Blackbow find a symbol that the world can understand to extend and spread, and stand in the perspective of today's time to think, and use advanced and suitable technical tools to express and deepen. By interpreting Chinese culture in a form of expression that is interesting to teenagers, Chinese teenagers and even the world will have a new perspective on Chinese culture and Chinese design language. Let the public not only simply understand the culture itself, but also participate in it and become part of it, getting empathy and sympathy in these visual wonders we create, creating a collective memory of people all over the world.

Commercial or Social Value:

With the rapid development of information technology, traditional artistic expressions can no longer satisfy the demand for sensory experience, information transmission and cultural exchange. Teenagers have a strong desire for cultural cognition, a desire for more unique, trendy experiences and feelings, and the core of wonderful Chinese culture needs to be expressed through more up-to-date and multi-dimensional ways. Blackbow has been exploring new forms of culture and art in this era as a challenger, and Museum of Tomorrow 2.0 is also a successful innovation attempt. On the road of exploring cultural innovation, Blackbow has also gained a better understanding of different fields and cultural crossover. While pursuing the artistic expression experience that satisfies the desire of contemporary youth, Blackbow also hope to let more people understand the meaning of cultural innovation and crossover. Blackbow has been making cultural innovation by means of "Art + Technology" through cross-border integration, and creating Chinese cultural memories for the public. Blackbow extract the most representative highlight moments from the vast Chinese culture, refine the original cultural genes and symbols from the historical treasury, find a symbol that the world can understand to extend in the 5,000 years of history, and think from the perspective of today's time. Blackbow also use advanced and suitable technical tools to express and deepen, and interpret Chinese cultural connotation in a form of expression that is interesting to teenagers, so that teenagers in China and even the whole world can have a new perspective on Chinese culture and Chinese design language, and get resonance and empathy in these visual wonders created by Blackbow, and create a collective memory of people all over the world. Only after we have a common memory of the profound Chinese culture can we achieve the true sense of cultural dissemination.

Team Biography

Blackbow is a Chinese creative cross-media art team founded in 2010 by new-media artist Wang Zhiou. Blackbow is committed to creating cultural experience and memory for the public with cutting-edge artistic,technological innovation and digital translation.Blackbow focuses on shows, events, space, interaction and other major operative segments, with its works covering culture, tourism, real estate, technology and other fields. At present, there are more than 100 talents in this team with interdisciplinary backgrounds, such as stage art, film and television production, interactive development, graphic design, spacial design, literary creation, advertising and marketing. It now has the leading multimedia creative ability to do independent research and development on CG, AR, VR, holographic projection technology, software and hardware interactive system, mechanical device research and development, etc. The headquarter of Blackbow are located in Beijing, there are studios in Guangzhou、Shanghai and San Francisco.As one of the most well known visual art team in China, Blackbow provides creative support, execution, and production for many international events, such as “Beijing 8-Minute Show” in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics Games, Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit lighting and firework art show - “A Warm Welcome to Friends from afar”, “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation, the 57th Venice Biennale - Forbidden City Collateral Event - “Memory and Contemporaneity”.Blackbow pays close attention to cross-border innovation in culture and technology, it provided customized digital art creative solutions for CCTV - "The Nation’s Greatest Treasure" program, National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center, China mobile - Migu virtual idols, Tencent, Baidu - Institute of Deep Learning, Netease and 36KR, as well as several international music festivals and cultural tourism destinations.In terms of shows, Blackbow is good at the new-media stage creativity and performance design. It has participated in the multimedia design and production of many large-scale art performance projects such as The Song of Eternal Show/Everlasting Regret directed by Li Hanzhong (it has become a national standard for live-action performances in China) , 12.12 Xi 'an Incident Immersive Show, Yan’an Nursery, Mao Zedong comes from China, Narrow Escape From Death·The Long March, as well as various modern dance works such as Faded Monologue, Circle·Speeding, and No Dream Without a Dream in Beijing Dance Festival, and Yong II directed by Tian.

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