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Sai Meng Mini World Theme Pavilion

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Project Overview:

SaiMeng miniature world theme pavilion is built by Saiye exhibition. Saiye was founded in 1993. In the past 27 years, Saiye has served many government and enterprise customers with wisdom and innovation, and has become the watcher and inheritor of Chinese architectural history and culture.

Twenty seven years of industry experience, 50000 + pieces of high-quality urban building model experience, and 600 + high-tech exhibition items, let us know that a city must rely on the memory of the city to retain its story and overprint its unique temperament.

Shanghai is a famous historical and cultural city with temperature and readability. It has profound urban culture and many historical sites. A touchable art form with temperature is the most important carrier of preserving urban culture and historic sites and spreading urban temperature.

After more than two years of careful preparation, I read more than 1000 books, more than 100000 pictures, 4000 hours of various video materials, visited more than 300 college and folk scholars, and made numerous on-the-spot investigations, finally presenting an amazing miniature world.

SaiMeng miniature world theme exhibition hall To show the Chinese cultural IP theme venues in a full miniature way Urban culture theme exhibition area

Full miniaturization is a brand-new concept launched by Saiye for the first time. It interprets the changes of urban culture with the model making technique of "panoramic, full-time and all-dimensional".

Among 120 top model artists in the industry, you will experience the charm of Shanghai in a panoramic, full-time and all-dimensional way in the production time of more than 20000 hours.

Hundred Years of Shanghai Beach

Experience the journey of Shanghai culture legend


The Centennial Shanghai Experience Zone uses intelligent dynamic miniature scenes + interactive technology and other forms, combined with large-scale interpretation shows, to interpret the century-old Shanghai story, the battle for the tallest building on the Bund, the bell of the customs building, the fire of China Commercial Bank, the secret of Taiping wheel, etc. Fengyun on the Bund allows each building to tell its own story vividly.

△Combining interaction, interpreting a century-old legend

Through scenes of real historical events and exquisite cultural buildings, visitors can understand the story behind each building, evoke the dusty memories in their hearts, reach people's hearts, resonate, and restore a real Shanghai beach.

Whenever the moonlight falls, the Taiping Ferry sets sail slowly, but finally heads towards the end of sinking. The Hundred Years Bund exhibition area uses full miniature models and interactive projection to interpret the century-old legend.

The nation’s first full miniature theme food and play system, from miniature food culture, display, interpretation, and experience to the sale of miniature kitchenware products and miniature catering development, has formed a new full miniature food and play industry chain.

Does the project have potential market applications? Where is the application and market value?

Today, when the economic, cultural and creative industries are highly valued, the Saimeng Miniature World Theme Pavilion showcases the city's cultural characteristics through full miniatures, and showcases the great world. With the concept of "urban living room", research and exploration of urban culture and interpretation of humanistic sentiments have opened up a new world of culture and art in the world.

Since the opening of the museum in 2019, it has successively won honorary titles such as "Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base", "Shanghai Culture and Art Hot List", and Shanghai Hongkou District Science and Technology Association "Science Station".

Now, Sai Meng Mini World Theme Pavilion has become a new cultural tourism landmark in Shanghai, blending in the existing natural environment and urban fabric with a friendly attitude; on the other hand, it can also be connected with important historical buildings in Shanghai. The symbiotic relationship between the two, thus forming a dialogue that spans time and space.

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