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Multimedia Nightwalk-West River

Updated: Jun 30, 2021


In response to the country’s policy of invigorating rural tourism and developing the night tourism economy, it perfectly integrates technology and art to enhance the people’s experience of a better life, and uses rich means of visual to make the night of Xixinan fresh and rich in layers, and at the same time it won’t be wrong. There is no any damage to the local natural environment in Xixinan, which is the core concept of the "Bieyang" series of experimental works.

The Goal:

It is May Day on earth, using the technique of fusion of technology and art to organically integrate the natural environment of Xixi Nanfeng Yanglin with fantastic comprehensive technical means to achieve a sound, colorful and poetic effect, presenting the god of the forest, the deer sings by the creek, the shadow of the swans by the creek, the koi in the water turns into a dragon, and the fairies descend on the magpie bridge

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