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Multimedia Dance-Canto V - Divine Comedy

Project Description:

Our interactive show is inspired by Dante’s Canto V from the Divine Comedy and tells, through the dance, about the story of Paolo and Francesca, damned to the hellish circle of lust for their adultery-fruitful relationship, but full of love and passion.The couple is so damned to live carried by a very strong wind, a symbol of the blindness that overwhelmed their hearts for eternity.

Team Biography:

We are Ivan Zappetti and Genny Godano, a couple of professional dancers,and in recent years, we have specialized in the production of show dance with the aid of lasers and highly technological scenographies, to tell our love story through dance. With our show we danced in international talent shows like Georgia's Got Talent, Cesko Slovenko Ma Talent, Romanii Au Talent, Spain Got Talent and Bulgaria's Got Talent

Potential Market or Social Value

Art, dance and technology together

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