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Blue Cube 2.0

Attraktion! - Blue Cube
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Project Overview:

Beginning in 2019, Attraktion! began work on an update of the Blue Cube pavilion at Universe Science Park in Denmark.

The topics in the 3 existing rooms (ice, volcano & lightning) had to be consistent, but the experiences were reinvented to immerse guests deeper into the forces of nature.

The earth evolution show, a new addition, was installed as a 3-minute performance that uses a combination of floor projections and a 2m sphere that rises over 10m during the show with a geyser at the climax of the experience. This installation was created during last year’s lockdown and opened to the public in June, 2020.

How the project enhances the user experience:

A central geyser multimedia show celebrates life on earth and brings earth evolution nearer to its guests. In a spiral walkway and different themed rooms, focusing on natural forces the individual facets of nature from volcanoes to lightnings can be explored in an immersive experience.

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