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"Blossoming with a Chinese Dream" Digital Art Exhibition

Interactive part:

"Flowers blooming in the Chinese Dream" digital art theme exhibition, located in the Flower Expo Century Pavilion of the previous China East Pavilion exhibitions. The exhibition uses international cutting-edge digital art to present the inner flower, break the physics, practice microservices, and see the flower dynamically. Create a virtual wedding space, where the wedding culture and traditional Chinese culture are integrated, and the theme of "flowers blooming in China" is expressed in a more humanistic and innovative way.

The three exhibition areas of the East Hall Embroidery Exhibition are distributed into three exhibition areas-"Homeland" and "Homeland". The three exhibition areas range from a Chinese perspective, to a world perspective, and then to an ideal home in the future, progressively feeling an ecological perspective.

The theme of the Fairview Pavilion is "Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". The exhibition area takes the Yangtze River as the main image. Through sophisticated space design, cutting-edge interactive projection technology, rain screen, screen, silver screen, 24-meter curved wall projection, and ground Projection, desktop projection, ground reflection corrugated board and other media construct a three-dimensional Yangtze River in the exhibition space, presenting the flower ecology and flower culture of different river basins of the Yangtze River, focusing on the beauty of the motherland's flower ecology and the beauty of China. The creative team was inspired by many masterpieces at the peak of Chinese classical art, and used digital multimedia technology to reproduce the beautiful and magnificent landscapes in the Southern Song Dynasty Zhao Fu's "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains", and the far-reaching waves in the Southern Song Dynasty Ma Yuan's "Water Map" , Wen Zhengming's "Magnolia Picture Volume" in the Ming Dynasty, Shen Zhou's "Chun Xuan Tu" in the Ming Dynasty, Lan Ying's "White Clouds and Red Trees" in the Ming Dynasty, etc., using cutting-edge digital technology to bring Chinese classical art masterpieces back to life, and let unlimited flowers bloom in the Wanli River The mountains are blooming.

The theme of the grand exhibition hall is "Building a community of human and natural life together". The exhibition area is about the flowers of the world, integrating digital technologies such as sound, light, and shadow to create hundreds of gardens in countries along the "Belt and Road", and let the representative flowers of the countries in the Belt and Road. , With the passionate symphony, blooming a green and pollution-free gorgeous firework show. The visual center hangs a giant naked-eye 3D flower ball, surrounded by "petal" projection walls and "calyx" interactive installations. The calyx modeling installation is customized and the facade projection is performed. There are 3 interaction points on each of the 12 calyx surfaces, creating interesting interactions. The process of movie playback can realize interesting interaction.

The theme of the Homeland Pavilion is "Building a green home is the common dream of all mankind". The exhibition area presents a magnificent imagination for the future of mankind. With three huge flowers-narcissus, magnolia and peony, blooming in sequence, it presents Chongming's overlook, the future ecological city, and the galaxy universe. Romantic sight. The creative team specially designed an original 4D immersive giant bud-shaped theme theater. Visitors stand at the bud center and are surrounded by huge flowers like small bees, creating a "flower of dreams" with spatial feelings and visual images.

The exhibition area adopts cutting-edge and pioneering multimedia technology methods, curved radar sensor interaction, deep portrait recognition sensor, proximity touch sensor, exquisite spherical LED, large space immersive interior projection technology, LED color-changing interactive lantern, and 3D construction of giant bud dome screen; and In content production, computer algorithm calculations are used to reproduce the dynamics of water in traditional Chinese paintings. A 3D stereo field is used to produce multi-channel sound with accurate positioning. The engine simulates the entire exhibition space for spatial effect demonstrations, and physical scans simulate the reconstruction of the real flowers. Based on this model, a one-to-one restoration of the time-lapse flower blooming animation was carried out.

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