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As Cancelas-Shopping Center Technology and Digital Art

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Project Overview:

As Cancelas, a new experience on each visit。

Different permanent shows entertain visitors every day when night falls. Fun mapping stories are told with an imposing immersive sound system that take spectators to fantastic worlds without leaving the mall.

How the project enhances the user experience:

As Cancelasshopping center is transformed with technology and digital art to offer its visitors new experiences.The latest digital and interactive advances designed for the enjoyment of users to experience new sensations during their visit, so the experience of going to the shopping center is turned into an interactive experience.

The façade of the center integrates a semi-transparent LED screen in the lookout areaand a panoramic elevator with an impressive LED coating throughout the verticality of the same. A large canvas on which different digital art contents display differentanimations and effects to achieve a changing atmosphere in this square.

Download PDF • 160.40MB

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