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Traditional paper-cut art interactive work "Butterfly Love and Flower"

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Project Overview:

This application uses an interactive form to present the traditional Chinese paper-cutting art, and realizes the interaction between the user and the application by collecting sounds. Use photoshop and 3dsmax software to design and produce the picture, and build the scene in unity, and realize the effect of sound control butterfly flying through programming. When the volume increases, the butterfly will be frightened and fly away, and the volume will decrease, and the butterfly will quietly land on the petals. Users can collect their own voices directly through the device's built-in or external microphone. The butterfly in the screen has an initial state, and it will fly around after detecting the sound. The art style of paper-cutting makes the butterflies and flowers in the installation contain rich cultural and historical atmosphere. The integration of several objects and interaction with them makes us feel the deeper visual charm of this traditional aesthetics.

How the project enhances the user experience:

Interact with the application by collecting sounds, driving butterflies to dance, visually using the paper-cut style of traditional Chinese culture, to highlight the classical atmosphere

Set up two necessary buttons consistent with the art style of the work, the whole screen is simple and generous, and the operation is simple.

Does the project have potential market applications? Where is the application and market value?

Presenting traditional culture in another form, adding game thinking and interactive experience, so that more people can have fun with it, and let cultural development be combined with technology to keep pace with the times.

Individual Introduction:

The creator studied digital media creative engineering at Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University.

Download PDF • 324KB

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