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Fiona and Mocko

The work "Mocko and Fiona" is inspired by the five elements that constitute the natural world in the traditional Chinese five elements - "gold", "wood", "water", "fire" and "earth".These five elements explain the composition of the world, and also reflect the character and fortune of the corresponding person, so I tried to combine the two into one, not only creating characters with the material attributes of the elements, but also endowing the characters corresponding to the elements to these characters.A series of personal and original utopian worlds have been created on the characters. I selected the "gold" and "water" elements to create corresponding creations.

I. Video 1 "Fiona Character Origin Birth Animation" (1min)

The character's name is Fiona, which is the best sounding name I've ever read in a novel, and it also represents a princess in western legends.As for the space of the planet where Fiona's character is located, the planet is bred with life due to the existence of water.The entire planet exists in the void, undisturbed by the outside world.The Fiona I envisioned is an orange life form parasitic on a water droplet. This part is also shown in the animation, and the scene of him basking in the sun on the beach also means that he is no longer water, but a person who can withstand the sun.A living body with a soul, he put on sunglasses.

II. Video 2- "Fiona Character Worldview Introduction Animation" (1min)

I placed a statue of Venus covered by a glass cover in the center of the picture. The top of the golden creature glowed and grew upwards, and finally covered the whole body of the sculpture, which reflected a theme of savage growth in Fiona's world..As the luminous organisms grow irregularly and freely like probes, the surface of Venus is gradually occupied by such organisms, as if a new lord wants to occupy this planet.

III. Video Three "Fiona Planet Space Image Introduction Video" (25s)

The design of the planet where Fiona is located is a planet in the void. The planet is covered by vegetation, and the fossils of divine beasts can be seen in the land. The entire planet is guarded by divine beasts.There are also strange species hovering on the luminous altar. All these designs reflect the sacredness of an alien religion, and at the same time give the viewer a sense of mystery. The water spit out from the mouth of the beast and the altarThe organisms on the screen also reflect the theme of "growth" in this world, the appearance of the temple in the picture, the road leading to the temple, and the buffalo fossils frozen in crystals in the void, as well as the growth on the planet.Plants and the bottom of the planet seem to be wrapped in crystals, etc., all reflect my mysterious, long-standing, and advanced settings for this space.

IV. Video 4 "Mocko Character Origin Animation" (1min)

The character Mocko is inspired by a screw cap. In the void, countless bright spots converge on the metal object.The letters of the English name of the character look very hard, which also reflects his character. The animation presentation method also reflects the rebirth after experience, and this is exactly the characteristic of a person represented by "gold" in the five elements, and I like this character very much.s reason.Mocko's body is covered with metal pimples, which seem to be attracted to him like a magnet, and his arms are also derived from two metal screw caps.

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