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Theatre of Tomorrow

Project Overview:

"TOT”combines mocap capture with game engine to create a virtual reality immersive theatre, providing a platform for the performance of virtual versions of theatre,dance, acrobaticsand other performing arts.

Innovative Highlights:

In addition to the application of mocap technology, game engines, cloud rendering technology, remote collaboration, motion synchronisation and 5G network transmission technology, the project also includes the following functions and features.Identity、Friends、LowFriction、Variety、Anywhere.

Transcending the limits of time and space.TOT is also a virtual museum, a public social space and more.TOT can also present the client's camera screen through the TV person, in addition to presenting the performance of the digital human actors in the function of collaborative performances in different places also synchronously present the image of the performer in a different place in real time.

Business Value or Social Value:

"TOT" provides a digital platform for performing artists to present their work and also functions as a museum. It collects performance data, intangible cultural content and establishes a database of performance actions, enabling audiences to travel through the cloud with the help of smartphones, computers, VR glasses and other devices, and to participate in performances through motion capture and other interactive devices, contributing to the preservation and dissemination of China's outstanding traditional culture. It can be seen as an exhibition theatre in the digital twin of the city. In the future, it will become a true metaverse theatre, museum/art gallery by adding elements such as metaverse finance.

Its interactive features allow creators to preserve their creations in the virtual space as digital assets for permanent preservation and easy artistic processing, while audiences can experience an immersive experience through the virtual space anytime, anywhere. This will inspire Chinese artists to climb the artistic ladder in creative transformation and innovative development.

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