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The 20th Anniversary of Shanghai Grand Theater-Outdoor Holographic Sound Opera "The Magic Flute

Project Overview:

The outdoor immersive opera, the Magic City version of "The Magic Flute", premiered at the Shanghai Grand Theater, will be composed of the Fidimanson 4D team, together with a German holographic audio system expert and a sound engineer from the Sydney Opera House, responsible for sound design, live sound reinforcement, Complete audio solutions such as recording and broadcasting.

The Magic City version of "Magic Flute" is the first domestic performance in which the concept of "fuzzy theater" has been applied to outdoor performances. The Shanghai Grand Theater has created a "precedent". Through the "four-dimensional holographic sound" technology, the boundary between the stage and the audience is blurred auditorily, breaking the limitation of the "emperor position", so that every audience can be placed in an outdoor reconstructed theater acoustic space, and can get accurate sound Like positioning. This is not only an immersive performance experience where the actors and the audience are organically integrated, but also a perfect fusion of art and technology.

The performance used a total of 124 sE Acoustics customized holographic acoustic speaker arrays, 12 Full D customized stage return-listening speaker systems, 2 four-dimensional holographic acoustic sound reinforcement system engines, and one four-dimensional holographic acoustic electronic sound mask engine. According to the band The organization and the characteristics of the opera use more than 100 professional microphones such as sE Electronics and sE Neve to pick up the sound.

What Special:

First Part: immersive theater environment

Technical highlights: holographic electronic sound mask technology, acoustic holographic restoration of real theater sampling

The "four-dimensional holographic sound" technology uses the acoustic environment sampled in real theaters and restores it outdoors. Through the holographic electronic sound mask technology, the 3D reconstruction of the theater's acoustic environment is carried out, as if a large theater with "no walls" is built outdoors, so that the audience can get the same sense of hearing as an indoor theater environment.

The second part: immersive viewing method

Technical highlights: Breaking the limitations of "Emperor Position" (the best listening position), "Fuzzy Theater"

The Magic City version of "Magic Flute" is the first immersive outdoor opera in China. It breaks through the traditional "frame-style" viewing mode, placing the cross-shaped stage in the center of the auditorium (as shown in the figure below), blurring the stage and the auditorium. Boundary. The use of "four-dimensional holographic sound" technology to separately amplify the four audience areas not only ensures high-quality and consistent listening, but also breaks the limitations of the "emperor position" (the best listening position), regardless of the audience You can get an immersive listening experience in any position of the seat.

Third Part: immersive performance content

Technical highlights: holographic sound positioning and tracking technology of "sound and picture moving", fixed-point on-site immersive sound reinforcement of instrumental music

The sound reinforcement of the actors on the cross-shaped stage adopts the sound positioning and tracking technology of "four-dimensional holographic sound" technology. The sound engineer can control the direction of the actor's voice in real time through the touch screen, so that the actor's voice can be accurately positioned and moved on the stage. , The real realization of "the sound follows the picture", that is, the sound "follows" wherever a person goes. Not only that, through the “four-dimensional holographic sound” technology, fixed-point live immersive sound reinforcement of instrumental music can be realized, and the instruments of each part of the band can be immersedly and real-timely amplified to 4 audience areas, so that each audience area can be Get the feeling of being surrounded by the band, and improve the fusion of the actor's voice and the band's voice.

The holographic music gallery of the Shanghai Grand Theater is the world’s first music gallery using "four-dimensional holographic sound" technology. Based on the purpose of serving the audience, it further narrows the distance between art and the audience, so that the audience can experience art better . The layout of the four-dimensional holographic sound system is divided into three layers in total. 88 custom holographic sound speakers (including 6 subwoofers) are hidden and distributed on both sides of the corridor and on the ceiling. The "four-dimensional holographic sound" technology gives the 60-meter corridor an experiential, participatory, and interactive audio and picture experience, presenting the unique holographic immersive sound experience of the Shanghai Grand Theater. At the same time, the original single-function corridor has been extended to be able to hold catwalk shows and performances.

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