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Somatosensory music interactive installation-animal conductor

Instructions for use:

A somatosensory music interactive device, standing in front of the projected wall or screen, making corresponding hand movements can trigger pre-set music and animation. The initial interface of the game is for 4 small animals sitting in their respective positions, and at the same time there is an animation that guides the experiencer to wave their hands; the experiencer waves to enter the game, and the animals stand up and prepare to play; during the game, the experiencer is in different Position your hand to wave, control the baton in front of different animals, and trigger the corresponding animal to play the instrument in its hand. Multiple animals can play together, or it can be customized up to 6 small animals.

This game is very suitable for use in parent-child pavilions, entertainment centers, complexes, event warm-ups, music festivals, etc. It can add WeChat to follow the official account to scan the code to start the game process, increase the function of sucking fans, let it collect fans, drain, Interaction, experience, and education are integrated, so that children can feel the charm of music in fun games, and adults can realize their dreams of being a conductor in the relaxation and decompression of cartoon pictures.


The different instruments in a piece of music are divided into independent sound tracks, and they are made by using the somatosensory device kinect V2, 2D animation and Unity 3D software. Kinect can capture the position of the limbs of the human body, and the code in Unity 3D can drive the small animals in the interface and the music playback of the corresponding sound track. When a person's limbs make corresponding movements, they will be detected by the Kinect somatosensory device, which triggers the pre-set animation effects in the software to achieve interactive effects.

Program features:

Combining cute cartoon animal images with musical instruments, and creating a simple somatosensory game, the game is easy to use and full of imagination.

Divide the music into multiple tracks, give the experiencer the right to reassemble the playing instruments, and increase the experiencer's sense of accomplishment.

It can be combined with the scan code to follow the function of the official account to start the game, and add the function of attracting fans on the basis of entertainment and education. A camera can be added to randomly take photos during the game of the experiencer to capture the happy moments of the experiencer. The photos and DIY music by the experiencer can be downloaded by scanning codes, adding the possibility of sharing and socializing for commercial activities and commercial spaces.

Project market and social value:

It is interesting and interactive. It can be used in parent-child museums, parent-child activities, science museums, art museums and other parent-child interactions, music teaching occasions, to enhance parent-child relationship and interaction; used in commercial spaces, commercial activities, can attract fans, Expand brand influence and promote market sales.

It adds a new possibility for parent-child interaction and children's music teaching enlightenment, allowing children to experience the wonders of the independence and ensemble of different tracks. It is an imaginative multimedia interactive device.

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