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Project Overview:

By means of illusion, with the help of digital multimedia technology to reduce the light, the light fluid can be returned to vision, the state line of the illusion and the manifestation. Lost and lost, rebirth; disillusionment, forming a powerful monster. The stream of consciousness expresses the confrontation, confrontation and fusion between the human life body and nature.

How the project uses digital technology to express the story:

The touch screen of the audience can be changed through the touch screen, or the interaction between the audience and the scene, and the audience can also be used as the performance in the performance of the audience. From the perspective of the observer, you can also appreciate the perception and experience of the location audience. Human and screen interactive experience, when the audience screen, through the recognition of the screen touch and computer data processing. The position produces a feedback effect. Achieve the visual experience of interaction between people and the screen.

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