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"Small rice cooker" UAV

Project Overview:

The COVID epidemic has continued until 2036, and it has not been completely contained.The structure of pathogens has become increasingly unstable, and large mutations may occur at any time.China has always been on guard against the virus counterattack. As early as 32 years ago, it took the lead in implementing the construction of contactless communities, and incorporated the epidemic behavior norms into the norms of public life.Suddenly, the virus mutated, and the disease caused by the mutated virus was called "cough disorder".After the mutation, the infectivity is enhanced, the incubation period is longer, and the fatality rate is higher.

The virus makes the respiratory tract highly sensitive. Particles and microorganisms in the air may cause the infected person to cough continuously, accompanied by various complications-continuous severeCoughing causes inflammation and edema of the infected person's vocal cords, resulting in dysphonia, final loss of voice, and death.In China, 70% of communities have been upgraded to "no-contact communities", and they can enter a state of alert at any time.When the "cough barrier" comes, the communities are disconnected, and they can respectively guarantee the storage and transportation of necessary materials in their own communities.Unmanned vehicles are used on land, and drones are used to deliver materials in low-altitude areas—two ways to meet demand.The urban buildings in the community have been transformed accordingly—the spacing has been rationalized, and enough space in the air has been reserved to meet the operation of the delivery of drones. In addition, the community has transformed a small apron on the top of the building, and private users have also installed it indoors.The small rice cooker is a shutdown cabinet for drones, so as to facilitate your life and improve your quality of life.

Innovative Highlights:

1. Design folding wings to save parking space to the greatest extent.

2. The advance reservation function can make up for the problem of short battery life through intelligent multiple departures.

3. Equipped with a camera with 360-degree monitoring function, it can display the situation around the aircraft in the mobile app in real time.

4. Advance reservation function, through intelligent multiple departures to make up for the short battery life

Business or Social Value:

The drone delivery industry is developing day by day. Based on the post-epidemic era, this work has made innovations and designs for issues such as "contactless delivery" and "booking methods". Combined with the actual situation, it has a certain degree of landing and will generate corresponding businessvalue, the "little rice cooker" drone facilitates one's life in the post-epidemic era and improves the quality of life.

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