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PatchXR-Sound of Metaverse

Project Description

PatchXR is a Swiss-Danish studio focused on sound and vision in mixed realities. We think spatial computing will change the way we experience self-expression, games, creativity, and friends. So that means your most amazing musical creations depend on us making a community for you where you feel free. Your ideas and your creativity come first, throughout our modular platform - from high-level gestures to low-level mechanics.

Innovative Highlights

At the heart of this approach, PatchXR’s tools combine the best of musical instruments with gaming using building blocks native to extended realities (xR) and immersive media. Feel like you’re touching sound and music with simple gestures - play that is fundamentally personal in a space that’s shared.

In the world of Patch XR,  that every wall, every object can be transformed into wild interactive instruments. The musicians can play with virtual and real at the same time. Any existing patch now can work with a passthrough camera view, so you can see real instruments, the space around you, and other players as you play. 

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