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NFT Digital Art-Green Unicon

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Project Overview:

Meet the GreenUnicorn, a charged up NFT collection that not only creates a unique world in its own right, but also helps to make the planet a better place. The project is based on integrating blockchain features into the renewable energy segment.

What Special:

Each item in the collection is supported by a smart contract. The investor/buyer can collect, trade and utilize the NFT to receive a voucher towards a renewable energy product.

Commercial or Social Value:

In partnership with ANEW Energy (, with their renewable energy Microgrid focus, the NFT collectables have added value as a way for owners to become collectors in a new energy network. Jassen is starting the collection with a bird theme. As the collection grows more creature styles will emerge.

Team Biography:

I have had a number of interesting opportunities as a creative throughout my life. A highlight was studying, living and working outside of the United States for about a decade. During this time, I further developed my passion of integrating technology features into the image making process. My journey in the arts has led to a fine art degree in the US, and a Master Degree in the UK. It has been a challenging time but gave me an opportunity to earn world awards in the commercial arts (for previous employers), make creative contributions in the Internet of Things, and take part in research projects within the digital economy, UK. Over the past 20 years, I have had an interest in technology and its role in the creative process.The visual artwork that I create involves a range of tokenizations, NFTs, cryptographic, machine learning/AI models and mobile features into the image making

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