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The New Peace Colony

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Project Overview:

In the five thousand years of Chinese culture, there have been many outstanding poets, such as Li Bai, Li Qingzhao and so on. As young people in the new era, we should shoulder the mission of inheriting our great culture. We can and have the ability to use our own ideas to spread our excellent culture. This is the original intention of this work. We combine projection image technology with space to superimpose multiple screens. In terms of content, we write beautiful humanistic poems in our country. When the audience walks in this immersive space, they seem to be able to feel the power of culture immersively. This work is a cross-border work that combines science and technology with music, space, architecture and other artistic categories. The audience is drawn into a space that is both true and illusion, and feels the magic of immersive space and the charm of combining science, technology and art.

Based on the concept of "holistic art", the digital technology art, digital design, space, music, humanities, space, architecture and other categories are combined to consider the design as a whole. The content of the work is based on the promotion of traditional Chinese culture and highlighting Chinese history, using digital art methods Present the attitude of young art young people in the new era.

Commercial value:

The new wave of digital art creates the background, innovates, and empowers and attracts the brand.

Social value:

Tell Chinese stories well and publicize China's excellent history and culture.

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