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Music and Dance Hundred Opera

Project Overview: Music and Dance Hundred Opera is the Han Dynasty song and dance, Jiao Di, acrobatics, illusion, comical, martial arts, equestrian and other art forms of the general term. The music and dance scenes in the murals tomb of the Eastern Han Dynasty are one of the rare and unique murals.

Innovative Highlights

With Jiangu as the medium, the works are divided into "Musical Instruments", "dance" and "acrobatics", and the fresco is reproduced to show the art form of music and dance Baixi. The works combine ancient murals with modern digital technology and art to produce interactive cultural heritage digital products through media interaction technology, two-dimensional animation, three-dimensional film and other vivid forms. The analysis of music and dance drama what are the items, the form of expression is what, so that the viewer has a deep intuitive feeling. At the same time, the production of the same theme of multimedia performance, digital, cultural, visual integration of the three, through the actors and digital film interaction, into the music and dance drama, into the different Han Dynasty.

Business Value or Social Value:

Products finishing extract is a han dynasty dance acrobatics culture rich creative materials, improve the creative conversion, culture and creativity, not only make the body feeling interaction form, at the same time using QQ AR platform, making the AR postcards, users can be the ancient murals home, let the rich and colorful dance acrobatics art into life, It is conducive to the spread and promotion of mural culture.

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