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Multiverse Immersion Theatre YUAN

Project Description:

Multiverse Immersion Theatre YUAN, jointly created by Blackbow is a brand new art proiect that explore subjects such as heritage and contemporary, space and environment, time and its relation with our inner self , by means of Art, Technology and Science. Through an immersive, conceptual experience engaging the spectator senses.

Innovative Highlights:

The global immersion theater "Yuan" uses modern and cutting-edge expressions to add more futuristic sense to the Yuan world. By analyzing the terrain and architectural characteristics, we set up the "stage" in the outdoor "jade plate outside the wall" and "atrium building corner".", "Pool Shadow Wall", using the natural architectural appearance to outline the night of Zhizhu Temple with light and shadow.At the same time, different indoor digital sound fields are constructed in the main hall, art gallery, and digital meditation room, and digital vision is integrated with singing bowls and dance performances.

The future is present, and the story of "Yuan" is constructed through the dialogue between behavior and body.With the help of light and shadow art and digital technology, relying on the means of "technology + art", it also better supports the main story line of "birth-transformation-nirvana-rebirth" expressed by "Yuan".

The famous ancient temples, digital technology, and light and shadow art, which are famous for "repairing the old as the old", burst out infinite vitality to give the audience a more dimensional experience.The creation of the global walking immersion theater breaks the performance form of the previous proscenium theater, and is also different from the linear narrative performance form. It allows the audience to be more free and comfortable, and they can independently choose the time to watch and stay in different spaces.Rooted in the ancient connotation of Zhizhu Temple itself, we use a variety of cross-border creative means to express instantaneous feelings from the three dimensions of body, mind and spirit.In order to realize the performance in the temple without making drastic changes to the ancient building structure, a large amount of visual content is used to enrich the existing space field, and to maintain the original appearance of the building under the emphasis of presenting different clues and story lines, and strengthen the locality through light and shadow means and audio-visual experience, thus creating a "digital Taoyuan" in the old Beijing city.

Business Value or Social Value:

The "Development Plan for Cultural Relics and Museums in Beijing during the "14th Five-Year Plan" Period" issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics in November 2021 proposes that by 2025, major progress has been made in the application of Beijing's central axis for heritage.During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Beijing will take the opportunity of applying for the protection of the central axis to promote the evacuation of key cultural relics and the improvement of the surrounding environment, and promote the overall protection and revival of the old city.The global immersion theater "Yuan" is an important layout of Blackbow Blackbow on the central axis of Beijing. It is also the "digital protection of intangible cultural heritage" created by Blackbow under the concept of "using technology and art to create Chinese cultural memory".Explore the masterpieces on the road.The "Yuan" theater breaks the conventional theater narrative. It not only includes "digital restoration" but also emphasizes "future landscaping". It uses digital technology to empower traditional tourism experience and opens up new ideas for the economy of ancient architectural intangible cultural heritage, multi-angle and multi-levelIt clearly shows the charm and modern characteristics of the ancient capital of Beijing, a famous historical and cultural city, demonstrates the development achievements of Beijing's science and technology, culture, and tourism industries, and helps the development of Beijing's open night tourism economy.

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