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Metropolitan Museum-Digital Experience Exhibition of Time and Space Roaming of Objects

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Project Description:

Tencent "Internet + Chinese Documents" Digital Experience Exhibition

Blackbow, as the digital media creative of this exhibition, and the nine museums, the academic industry, and the art world

Experts and teachers have exchanged and cooperated, and nearly a hundred pieces of materials have been incorporated into digital exhibitions, which is the highest in the world of blogs. This exhibition

The viewing theme "Wandering through the time and space of the text" implies its non-linear viewing style, in which the wanderers can "wildly" shuttle through it. This

It is a digital exhibition that is different from the traditional exhibition experience of textual objects. It brings textual objects from the field of academic research to the digital body.

The field of experience, a brand-new field for understanding text and history. In addition to the digital experience of the material, there is also the presentation of contemporary culture

Creative achievements to express contemporary understanding and thinking about Chinese Scriptures.

Project highlights:

Time and Space Roaming of Cultural Relics-The creative origin of Tencent's "Internet + Chinese Civilization" Digital Experience Exhibition comes from a concept called "Hypertext Museum". In the exhibition, everyone can get their own unique viewing order and experience. As an educational institution, it is not new for a museum to produce a single digital display from its internal projects, but it is the first time that a cultural relic exhibition that focuses on context and imagination like "the time and space of cultural relics" and does not follow the historical research context of the museum. Hei Gong consulted industry experts carefully, striving to break the historical narrative, weaken the educational information and emphasize the innovative way of linear situational experience. In the end, without a single physical cultural relic, we used the core skills of the black bow to organically translate and integrate the multiple sets of knowledge systems behind the cultural relics, such as history, skills, and aesthetics, to show that the audience enters the exhibition as if "Roaming in the vast river of Chinese historical civilization", to realize the vivid experience of "Dialogue with nearly a hundred cultural relics".

Commercial or social value:

As the digital media creative party of this exhibition, Hei Gong has exchanged and cooperated with nine major museums, experts and teachers in the cultural and cultural industry, and the art world. Nearly a hundred cultural relics have been included in the digital exhibition, which is like a link, bringing cultural relics from the field of academic research to The field of digital experience is a brand-new field for understanding cultural relics and history. A lot of invisible work has also allowed us to practice a rigorous attitude towards cultural and creative cross-border projects. As an "innovator", it is bound to be obligated to consult industry experts carefully, understand the industry's own specifications, working methods, and experience, and then jointly make new attempts based on the establishment of good trust and cooperation between the two parties. The entire exhibition text, screening of massive cultural relics, cultural relics narrative angles, and cultural relics display information are all based on the creative foundation of the black bows, and the establishment of cultural relics expert meetings and repeated deliberation. This also shows to educational institutions our attitude towards "culture" as a cultural and creative company. We combine digital art with cultural relics in the way of "experience +", allowing the audience to have more imagination about the civilization of a specific era, and achieve a stronger cultural dissemination. Let the public see more possibilities for cross-border integration, as well as the charm and significance of cross-border innovation, and also show our attitude and determination to cultural innovation as a new media art team. In addition, when curating the exhibition, we attach great importance to the education and popularization of the youth audience. Minimize the accumulation of written information and text information in the exhibition planning as much as possible, and transform it into immersive scenes that highlight the unique temperament of cultural relics or thematic units, as well as interactive induction "mechanisms" that can attract active participation. From "visiting the exhibition" to "exploring the exhibition", young people can actively acquire feelings, discover information and generate interest during the tour. With the help of the whimsical ideas displayed by digital art, we plant the seeds of interest for the audience, and establish a more imaginative and more diverse cognition of historical cultural relics. In Hei Gong’s view, digital art exhibitions with curatorial principles and goals can, to a certain extent, become an enlightenment or extension on the basis of academic exhibitions in museums, and have their unique functions and functions in the popularization of cultural and cultural education. significance. At the same time, we also co-planned the "Digital Media and Hypertext Museum" theme salon and bronze ware idea course with the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and shared with the students the immersive digital experience of the black bow in the museum to bring the audience closer to the historical context of cultural relics. In the exhibition, we also present the cultural and creative achievements of our students to express contemporary youth’s understanding and thinking about Chinese civilization. In the education of new media art talents, we have always attached importance to cooperation with professional colleges and universities. We hope to encourage students to implement what they have learned in actual corporate projects in this way, so that they can follow the project to learn and practice in the early stage of entering the industry. On the other hand, it can also mutually promote the innovative consciousness of talents in each industry.

team introduction:

Blackbow is a Chinese cross-media art creative team founded in 2010 by new media artist Wang Zhiou. Hei Gong is committed to using cutting-edge art and technology innovation, digital translation, to create cultural experience and cultural memory for the public. Hei Gong focuses on several major business sectors such as show performance, events, space, and interaction. His works cover culture, tourism, real estate, technology and other fields. Currently, it has interdisciplinary subjects such as stage art, film and television production, interactive development, graphic design, space design, There are more than one hundred talents with backgrounds in literature creation, advertising and marketing. Now it has cutting-edge multimedia original creation and independent research and development such as CG, AR, VR, holographic projection, software and hardware interactive systems, and mechanical device research and development. Headquartered in Beijing, with studios in Guangzhou, Shanghai and San Francisco. As a national digital media art team, Blackbow provides creative support and executes production for many international events. Including the 2019 "National Day 70th Anniversary Celebration", the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics "Beijing 8 Minutes"; SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit "Friends from afar" light and firework art performance; BRF "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum ; Parallel exhibition "Memory and Contemporary" at the Forbidden City at the Venice Biennale. Hei Gong pays attention to cross-border innovation in the field of culture and technology. He has worked for CCTV "National Treasure", Tencent "Internet + Chinese Civilization", Tencent Cultural and Creative, National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center, China Mobile Migu virtual idol, Baidu IDL depth Learning Lab, NetEase, 36Kr, several international music festivals and cultural tourism destinations provide customized digital art creative solutions. In terms of show performance, Hei Gong is good at new media stage creativity and performance. Participated in "Song of Everlasting Regret" directed by Li Hanzhong-now it has become the national standard for live performances in China, "12.12 Xi'an Incident", "Nursing Home", "China Has a Mao Zedong", "Nine Deadly Life: Long March" and other large-scale performing arts projects multimedia design And multimedia production. Participate in the multimedia design and multimedia production of modern dance works such as "Fade. Monologue", "Circle. Speeding", "No Dreams Can Dream", and "Figurine II" directed by Tian Yan.

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