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Max Center

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Project Overview:

Max Center, the largest sensorial square in Europe

A new Digital Art experience amaze visitors of Max Center Shopping Center, located in Spain and owned by Sonae Sierra.

A digital totem, 17 meters high and 9 and a half meters wide, with more than 25 million pixels of image quality, projects incredible images that completely change the experience of visiting the Shopping Center that Necsum Trison has digitalized.

How the project enhances the user experience:

Impressive digital art contents, highlighting the digital architecture in which the well known titanium slats of the Guggenheim Museum are made and undone to cover the skin of the totem; or the sophisticated Gold Waterfall that shocks those present with its impressive 3-dimensional fall. One of the funniest and most creative moments is starred by an amazing 17-meterhigh David by Michelangelo, in which this imposing digital sculpture comes to life to surprise and interact with the visitors of the center.

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