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Interactive Digital Art-Mountain

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Project Description:

Using lacquer as the material, landscape as the emotion, and numbers as the medium, we have come to a spiritual field about life, time and space, and the Eastern spiritual philosophy of "the unity of man and nature".

We use an immersive audio-visual interactive space with a strong sense of ritual and drawn from traditional Chinese lacquer paintings to guide everyone into a spontaneous meditation experience, experience the energy itself while feeling the flow of the freehand landscape and lines in the picture, and awaken the inner Perception and sensitivity to life itself allow us to find the answer in the memory of the senses in the body. All wisdom is in the observation of nature. To listen, to feel, to experience, that's why we came into this world.

Project Interactivity:

When participants step into this poetic landscape and slowly approach along the main screen, the fireflies on the arc screen will follow the participants and move forward.

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