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Immersive New Retail Store

Project Description:

The creators introduces the concept of "exhibition" into offline shppping, applying multimedia interactive installations in public commercial spaces. Taking personal experience as the highlight, ATS is presented as a composite exhibition of "fashion items + e-commerce + exhibition". While attracting more customers to the commercial complex, ATS also provides new possibilities for two-way communication between arts and the public.


How does it feel if you see an exhibition while shopping?

As this first offline concept store, ATS firstly realizes the futuristic shopping concept filled with imagination, and creatively integrates fashion items with e-commerce and new media art exhibition together.

The design of ATS adheres to SeeekLab’s imagery design style, selecting white, silver and red as the main color, applying transparent and frosted acrylic, aluminum profiles, light tubes, etc., with multimedia screens to bring visitors a futuristic, imaginative atmosphere.

The inspiration of ATS derives from SeeekLab’s artworks, life and attitude, conveys the whole team’s thinking and love. Elements of installation are combined toegether with that of fashion. To elaborate the fashion aspect, we also cooperated with young artists to design fashion items.

As a new media technological team, we may be questioned by some fashion experts . However, we believe that technology and fashion can coexist, the key is to integrate and appreciate.

Technology and fashion are both highly inclusive industries, therefore, as long as we follow the design principles, there are new possibilities for us to integrate our works with fashion design naturally.

In terms of aesthetics, not only the professional fashion buyers, but also the customers themselves would participate into the process of designing and deciding. An interactive installation would work as an artist, using the robotic arm to help customize the patterns on the clothes. The role of the customer has changed from an observer to a participant during the interaction.

In addition to the section of fasion, ATS also holds a regular theme exhibition, "Seek and you will find", to display a number of our representative works, such as the Big Bang, Reborn, the Creatures Band, etc. It provides the public with a diversified new way of immersive and interactive shopping option, with the intention of upgrading the shopping experience while bringing art into life of the public.

Business or Social Value:

Introducing the concept of “exhibition” into offline shopping, placing interactive installations in shopping malls, these choices not only help attract more customers, but also build a bridge between art and life of the public. On the one hand, artists could reach the audience through derivatives in daily life besides art museums and galleries; on the other hand, ATS also offers unusual art experience.

From "selling a product" to "providing an experience", in the future, what you would purchase would be more than a product.

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