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Immersive Multimedia Stage Show-Tonight with Xixi

Project Description:

"Tonight with Xixi" is a key cultivation project of "Hangzhou Cultural Tourism Golden Business Card", with a total investment of 150 million yuan. It is positioned to "protect, inherit and promote the cultural history and folk intangible cultural heritage of Hangzhou and Xixi Wetlands" and become a "Chinese Natural Heritage". The model of “the demonstration project of cultural protection and inheritance of protected areas, the demonstration project of Chinese cultural revival, the demonstration project of integration of Chinese culture and tourism”.

At the same time, Dafeng will use "Tonight's Xixi" as its core IP, insist on "One Fish Eat More", continue to create drama version performances, Hangzhou's first black box holographic sound immersive situational performance "Jianxi Hexi", Hangzhou's first online and offline , Real-life entertainment immersive space "Love and Hongyuan", and Chinese style theme micro performances, forming a performance product matrix such as "night version + drama version + day version + entertainment version + micro performance". At the same time, it is based on "platformization, integration, Based on the concept of “sharing”, we will extend the “performance +” product chain, create a “performance + cultural creation + activities + catering + hotel +” business model, and create a diversified operation of the “Xixi Hongyuan Cultural Tourism and Performance Complex”.

The story takes the "Qiantang distinguished family Hong's family culture" in Xixi Wetland Hongyuan as the "IP", with the theme of "Home, Country, and Love", with the "Water of Xixi" as the stage, through "drama, dance, music, and holographic projection" "Song of Su Wu" and "Song of Su Wu" were imprisoned for 15 years in the imprisonment of Jin Guo. He still did not forget his original aspirations and adhered to his mission. His wife, Shen Shi, cut into the art methods from the perspective of Hong Hao's son Hong Shi. Staying at home, adhering to the family motto, teaching the son well, and nurturing three prime ministers for the country, the couple fell in love with each other in a "great and romantic love story" under the "family and country sentiment".

During the performance, the number of negative oxygen ions is as high as 5000+. During the process of watching the performance, the audience can not only enjoy the charm of immersive live performances, experience the "family and nationality" of Hong Hao and his wife, and they can also infiltrate their bodies and minds in the wetland garden.

What Special

The theater takes "ecological protection" as the premise, innovates the performance sound system, creates a "holographic sound real-life performance theater", lingers the sound in the ears of the audience, and uses the sound to give the audience a truly immersive experience.

Innovatively create a 360-degree rotatable ancient building auditorium, a transparent screen that can be raised and lowered, rotated, moved, and double-sided imaging, a cloud and rain device that can be raised and lowered in the water, and a mechanical art device such as a mechanical egret that can be controlled by hand and flying in the air. New multimedia technologies, such as holographic sound and holographic projection, create a drama that is "beautiful and shocking, but also deeply moving".

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