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Immersive Content Production-Eco-Immersive-Nature

Project Description:

There is little doubt that a direct correlation between our physical and mental well-being is strongly influenced by our surroundings. The inspirational beauty provided us by Nature is quickly disappearing and being supplanted by urban sprawl, most likely a key component in the rampant rise of stress in the daily lives of billions.

What Special:

It is now possible to recreate the immersive feeling of Nature within office settings, home and all therapeutic venues. Scientific research studies exploiting innovative technologies have exponentially changed how healthcare serves the infirm, from cancer treatments to prosthesis development. While on the other hand healthcare healing modalities have not recognized the existential importance of redefining the antiquated model of therapeutic interiors from that of décor, into a functioning Eco-holistic treatment modality.

Team Biography:

I have been an artist/educator all of my adult life. I work in photography both fine art and commercial. I work in bronze sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, printmaking and more...


My impetus for making art is to explore the mystery and magic of creative process as a tool and challenge to better understand who I am and my relationship to the world around me. My motivation is to translate and share my experiential relationship with the viewer through the language of light, form, and texture. My goal is to create visual metaphors much like a poet uses the written language. Beyond aesthetic considerations such as color, value, and composition what I strive to reveal through my artistic endeavors is the quintessential nature of the subject at hand.

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