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"Heart Sea" Ocean Culture Theme Interactive Installation

Project Overview:

"Heart Sea" is an interactive media work based on the Unity3d game engine and combined with Kinect for motion capture. The user can control the character model in the work by doing various actions. When the action matches our preset action, it will trigger some special effects. my country's marine environment is diverse, marine cultural resources are rich, and regional marine culture is obvious. This work aims to show a picture of a harmonious coexistence of people and the ocean, and advocate people to protect the ocean and protect endangered marine life. Learn more about the marine culture of our country. Through programming in Unity, the development of most of the functional modules of this work has been realized, supplemented by Kinect for simple motion capture, and the captured human skeleton data will be transferred to Unity for processing and matched to the model. The particle system is also used to present the outlines of characters and sea creatures to achieve a relatively special visual effect. Through Kinect's official gesture recognition system, specific actions are recorded, and then matched with human actions to trigger the movement of sea creatures. The excellent portability and interest of this work make it can be used in many fields such as education and exhibitions.

How the project enhances the user experience:

Interact with the device by means of action interaction, each action triggers an effect, showing the mystery of the seabed with beautiful visual images, and the marine creatures and their movements made with particle effects make the work more vivid

Does the project have potential market applications? Where is the application and market value?

It can be used for interactive experience in exhibition halls or small exhibition halls. It can be built with only projection and Kinect, which is interesting and cost-effective.

Individual Introduction:

The creator studied digital media creative engineering at Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University.

Download PDF • 226KB

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