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Future VR Theatre-Cosmogony

Project Description :

In mythology, creation or cosmogonic myths are narratives describing the beginning of the universe or cosmos while in astronomy, cosmogony is most commonly used in reference to the origin of the universe.

Cosmogony is a live digital performance in which 3 dancers are being motion captured live in Geneva and projected remotely in real time. Thanks to our network technology Cosmogony can be performed as an outdoor video mapping or screened simultaneously in more than one venue. It is also a musical piece with a soundtrack by Tar Pond, a heavy doom rock band from Switzerland. For this piece they compose a soundscape of slow beats and psychedelic sounds, leading the audience through the different scenes of the piece for a 27 minutes musical journey into sound.

Project Highlights:

Cosmogony has been developed during the pandemic when traveling was restricted and the world turned upside down. For us as performers it seemed necessary to immediately respond to the crisis by inventing new ways to keep our bodies connected.

Before the crisis we were already deeply involved into the digitalization of our movement. Our technologies offered us the possibility to teleport our bodies as digital avatars across the world and in real time.

Cosmogony invites the viewers to a cosmic journey in real time through a world of distorted realities. As the audience travels into a made up virtual world, the piece confronts them with a deformed vision of reality, a perspective on the human condition and its origins.

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