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Future Drama《Fantasy 2099》

Project Description:

Overseas Chinese Town, a large-scale cultural and tourism central enterprise, and Junkan Culture, a cutting-edge entertainment company, will launch a large-scale immersive performing arts project in Dali, Yunnan in 2021.The project cost 130 million yuan, with the old industrial factory building as the carrier, focusing on youth culture, bringing together pioneering drama, contemporary art, digital fantasy technology and other industry front-line teams, it took two years to create, creating a new experience of party-style drama, which will become the direction of DaliAnother new business card of the international.

Core content: The explosion of technology and information squeezes people's original living space, improves people's sensory freedom coefficient, but reduces people's spiritual freedom coefficient, poor life and emotional anxiety have become new social diseases, the drama game "Transformer"With "self-salvation in the information age" as the core value, discussions and explorations on finding the true life and emotions of human beings will be launched.

Innovative Highlights

Theater experience:

Based on classical drama expressions such as dance drama, musical drama, and absurd drama, multi-dimensional expressions such as cross-media technology interactive art and modern installation art are superimposed to create an immersive "drama + show" full-sensory experience, linear narrative, and non-linear entertainment.

Space Aesthetics:

Integrating multi-dimensional aesthetic elements such as post-industrial, biological, and sci-fi, the artistic comprehensive expression field builds a complex architectural space aesthetic feeling.

Consumption Experience Building:

Explore the consumption needs of Dali tourist destinations, integrate the entertainment forms of young people nowadays, and build a real interactive entertainment consumption field where borderless participation and high-end exquisite experience coexist./ Ultimate Carnival

Business Value or Social Value:

1. The Value of Bringing New Cultural Tourism Flow.

There are 17 million tourists every year, three 60%, one is 60% of independent travel, the second is 60% of middle-class people aged 18-45, and the third is 60% from economically developed regions.With high consumption and strong new demand, Dali cultural tourism products are still in the initial stage of consumption of basic natural resources and basic tourism products of the previous generation. Supply and demand are misaligned, and traffic value is wasted and lost.

2. New Lifestyle Experience Field and Destination.

Five new lives have built the basic personality of Dali. One is the new life field with the perfect combination of "local + international", the second is the new life style of "little fortune + poetry and distance", and the third is "natural ecology + history".The new life mode of "humanities", the new life quality of "low desire + high aesthetics", and the new life form of "self-standard + small community".These constitute the psychological expectations of the "Utopia" of the urban population, and should be cherished and guided to be used.

3. The Value Awakening of Dali.

Three major strategies, one is to upgrade new cultural tourism products and brands, the contemporary new humanities of "Transformer", the top national art of "Yang Liping Theater", the authentic historical inheritance of "Dali Palace", together with the original leisure literature and art, constituteThe second is to create an international content platform and ecology, international languages such as drama, art, music, technology and Dali's humanities and nature will attract the most interesting people from all over the world.Make the most valuable culture, let culture generation and consumption have a healthy cycle; the third is to activate, release, and fission the value of traffic, lead the leading products, feature field linkage, value brand linkage, seize the commanding heights of cultural tourism upgrades, and seize Yunnan tourismThe destination's new standard king, a rare opportunity.

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