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Future 1KM Digital Art Festival

Project Description:

Future 1KM Digital Art Carnival (hereinafter referred to as "Future 1KM") was held for the first time on the North Bund of Hongkou, which is a Shanghai landmark,in September 2019. It effectively played the role of cultural-tech in the construction of Shanghai as an international cultural metropolis, combined with the development plan of the North Bund’s riverside development. Combining various emerging digital technology for creative and culture industry with city landmarks to create a digital and immersive experience, creating a futuristic international business card for Hongkou District in Shanghai, and digital technology festivals for tourists to explore the future of life.

Future 1KM aims to use creative design to enable cutting-edge technology to form a product model that can be consumed and experienced by the mass public. It will be deployed in a mobile space carrier to realize scene-based applications and explore new models of cultural tourism in the future.

What Special:

"Future 1KM" innovatively adopt mobile dome space as a carrier, combined with cultural, tourism and entertainment consumption needs in different regions, to carry out high-tech immersive and digital experience inside the dome. "Future 1KM" focuses on the changes that technology will bring to future life and entertainment, and uses high-tech technologies and equipment such as robots, artificial intelligence, holography, VR, AR, and dynamic platforms to create playable, watchable and experienceable entertainment The space, while bringing cool visual and auditory experience, allows the audience to fully experience the magical charm of technology.

The "Future 1KM" is equipped with stage performances, ,merchandise, sports and other activities at the same time, which can help the locals quickly accumulate tourists and popularity.

The characteristics of the dome space are 1. It can be easily moved and duplicable; 2. The construction is flexible and the cycle is controllable; it does not account for building indicators and belongs to facilities and equipment; it can be adjusted according to local demands, so it can be easily copied to any landmark occasion.

Potential social value and commercial value:

"Future 1KM" consists of different modules, which can be recombined according to the customer's budget. The entire festival can be moved, copied, built flexibly.

The "Future 1KM" festival design consists of three permanent sections: technology entertainment, digital art, and family-kids. These three sections target parent-child and trendy people, and have a relatively broad market consumer demand.

The "Future 1KM" is equipped with various themed activities, including but not limited to performances, sports, merchandise. It can help gather surrounding tourists based on customer needs, bringing in additional ticketing income,merchandise income and venue rental income.

In summary, in the future, one kilometer has diversified income sources and controllable costs, which will not only bring local international influence and economic benefits, but also have strong commercial replication.

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