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"Forbidden City Impression" Digital Content for Immersive Space at Ningbo Creative Port

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Project Overview:

Through a multi-dimensional and immersive way of display, taking "time" as the main line and "space" as the auxiliary line,

The representative elements of the Palace Museum are refined and molded to show the different states of the Palace Museum in different seasons,

The combination of vision and hearing has a certain attraction, which makes the audience have a sense of substitution

It's like being in it.

Use the principle of projection and mirror reflection to create an infinitely extended sense of space immersion. Through the integration of digital creativity and the use of multimedia exhibition items, the use of vision, touch, hearing and other omni-directional three-dimensional applications, creative, digital, and artistic techniques are combined to express , The five-sided image connection screen and split screen are interspersed and used to achieve an immersive audio-visual feast experience.

Digital content is used to present the changes of "time" and "emptiness" in the space, allowing users to experience the red walls and blue tiles, carved beams and paintings of the Forbidden City. The solemn, sacred, and authority of the Forbidden City fills the entire space. Different seasons have different flavors.

Individual/Team Introduction:

Team: Silk Road Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch (Concept Group)

The positioning of our team is to make original digital content of films, combine commerce and art, and use visual rehearsals to create spatial and scene-oriented effects, and bring people to the experience.

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